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7 hours ago, eMGunslinger said:

On form 3

1. DLO Mag58-unfired, just got back from OOW after being built up by them into their newest set up as a 240B $175,000
2. Saco M60-unfired, just back from US ordnance being built into their E4 $60,000
3. Olympic Arms M16-built with a 14.5" A2 upper $19,500
4. Hydromatic government property marked 16a1-20" A1 stock, but rewelded by Stemple. Very well done $19,500
5. Norrell 10/22 push button trigger pack-built into a 12.5" 10/22 with rifled sites $17,500
6. Fleming HK sear-SEF pack, built as a MP5k off a true HK SP89 $38,000
7. Fleming HK sear-in a four position 3rd burst pack, installed in a HK51 308 $37,500
8. HK53-premay sample $9,500
9. M2HB-ramo side plate, brand new built as a ground gun, tripod, t&e, 2 barrels, 4,000rds of linked ammo 2k for the package $43,000
10. Ballistics RDIAS-steel with POF host, lower and upper are new, 9.25" upper $39,500
11. JCB Inc RDIAS-steel $38,000

On form 4 seller covers transfer tax
1. Fleming HK sear- SEF pack built as a MP5k in a SP89 with HK brief case $41,000

2. Colt M16A2-NIB government property marked $36,000
3. B&G full size Uzi bolt gun- in a imi action arms host $14,000
4. Styer AUG trigger pack-built in a 14" host gun-and second 901 host gun, with 20" and 24" barrel $29,000
5. SWD full stock AK47 $27,500

More info on request

PM sent.

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    For those interested in this M60 .. I inspected this gun for the current owner here in Pa over the summer.

    I broke the entire weapon down and inspected all of the components. It is in immaculate condition. It appears Desert Ordnance did a complete over haul  including the upgraded chrome lined gas tube. 

A very nice gun. 

Aaron - Mohnton, Pa 


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17 minutes ago, Tonetiup said:

COuld you email me on the AK's

I emailed you pictures, but I would take your email down from public view....you will get hammered with scammer emails.

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