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Don't know how I missed this one, Glock switches?


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I knew they were around. I remember when the first ones were available... some even papered as post samples.

But I didn't realize the ghetto critters had these devices in such huge numbers and were using them in the latest crime epidemic sweeping the nation.

From what I read China, yea the same country supplying Fentanyl that is killing people in this country are the ones behind the flood of these devices.

Anyone know how long this has been going on?

Man I miss all the news up here in the North country!



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All this is going to do is cause problems for the rest of us SOT's.   Fucking China covid fentsnayl glock switches fake meds fake super us dollars what else.  

The worst is watch youtube all the dumbasses showing off "them switches"   filming themselves committing a felony.   


Although wonder now if it could bring down the nfa can make the argument that full auto glock switches are in common use.  If you know anything about China they didn't make a thousand of these there are probably millions out there now.  Hopefully the quality is shit and they break after. Few rds but that's all a bad guy's needs it to work for.

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