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Anyone know what this extended LOP H&K A3 Stock is?

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Hi Folks,

Found this weird extended length of pull A3 stock on a factory german mp5 PD gun. The gun is a factory german machine gun with all german parts so I *think* the stock is a factory German HK stock as well, but I've never seen this version of it before. The stock rails are longer and it doesn't close all the way. It looks like it's designed not to close all the way as the rails are not cut all the way back like most MP5 Stocks. Can anyone identify if this is a factory german stock?

Thank you in advance for any info you can provide.




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2 hours ago, Got Uzi said:

With that cut out thats an HK "Universal" stock that could be used on the 9mm, 40 S&W, 10mm MP5's.  The cut out is to clear the bolt hold open.  They can be a bit longer than the normal MP5 A3 stocks.

Thank you for the info Sir. Is it common for these not to close all the way? The point you see the stock closed to is the full extent of travel. 

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Agree - that stock has a long "universal" 40/10 stock fork section.

I don't believe that is an HK fork section - It is most likely aftermarket.  The rest of the stock looks HK.

It should close all the way & lock (if not on a gun).


I'd ask this question over at HKpro - somebody here can likely identify the maker of that stock section.


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