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  1. Individual to Dealer NFA Transfer Question

    No he's asking about a F4 FROM an individual TO a licensee. Whether the licensee is a corp, partnership or sole prop doesn't matter, fill out page 1 and send in 2 copies.
  2. Next Subgun

    A C&R Sten is going to cost you around the same as a Sterling tube gun would. Unless you need to have an original gun just go with a tube Sten from a well known builder to shoot.
  3. Speaking of MP5's....

    I had Troy at BarrelXchange make me a .40S&W conversion for my Uzi, that's all the full auto .40 I need. ;)
  4. Form 4 Transfer questions

    The ATF would tell you they don't care, the form 4 is an approved transfer not a record of transfer nor a certificate of ownership, the current possessor can cancel and refund the approved Form 4 within 3 years of the tax being paid as long as the transfer has never taken place. https://regulations.atf.gov/479-172/03-1657
  5. Form 4 Transfer questions

    The other thing people get confused about is that an approved form does not convey ownership, it only approves the transfer from one entity to another. I've had a guy take about 6 months to come pick up a suppressor after I received the approved F4, he just didn't come in, would call him every couple weeks, he was busy, out of town, etc, until he finally got around to coming in. A similar issue could delay a transfer in the reverse instance as well and both transfer delays are perfectly legal, but as I said good luck finding a SOT who will agree to the scheme in advance.
  6. No dog in the fight but I'm just boggled you accepted PayPal for a MG ...
  7. Form 4 Transfer questions

    You, as a non-licensee, would file a tax paid Form 4 not Form 3 to transfer it to your local or out of state dealer, the tax free Form 3 is only SOT to SOT. You could conceivably hold the item indefinitely after the Form 4 has been approved though most dealers wouldn't agree to that since once the Form 4 is approved to them the item now shows up on their NFA inventory with the ATF so if they get inspected they would need to explain that the item hasn't transferred to them yet for whatever reason. It's not illegal to delay the transfer but like I said most dealers probably wouldn't agree to do it.
  8. SOT renewal 1K vs 500?

    It's not an upcharge, $1000/yr is the standard fee for an importer or manufacturer. They don't know what your total gross receipts were last year so you have to proactively apply for the reduced rate based on total gross receipts of less than $500,000, note that this includes ALL of your entity's business receipts not just NFA items and it's gross not net.
  9. 45ACP Uzi magazines

    The 45 FA kit uses the stock SMG Uzi and only changes out the barrel and bolt (and obviously the mags). The factory mags are single stack, 16 or 10 round, there are also 10 or 22 round Pro-mags in current production (I'm not a fan) and I have a 50 round suomi style drum from Troy at BarrelXchange which he no longer makes. I also have a Chris Humphries GG lower that works great, this is a better solution to increase the round count in 45 to try to make yourself with a surplus Uzi lower and Mac 10 grip than trying to modify 9mm mags.
  10. WTB: German mfg. HK #3 /#7 LP

    Gatewood supply occasionally has used ones in stock, looks like they may only have #8s right now but check with them. Put up a WTB on HKPro, I sold my last German #7 on there a few months ago to a guy with a WTB ad.
  11. If it was submitted after that date, you'll likely be rejected (and it's not a correctible error either) unless you get really lucky and the examiner doesn't notice.
  12. dealers role in NFA sale

    He'd still likely have to pay the transfer fee, I wouldn't transfer it out to another dealer without getting something for my trouble plus the shipping cost to the next dealer. Live and learn, ask prices of services before contracting for those services.
  13. dealers role in NFA sale

    Your dealer doesn't own the firearm as ownership is not conferred by ATF transfer paperwork. The form you submit to the ATF is only a request for permission to transfer an NFA item to another entity. Federal law requires interstate transfers to terminate with a licensee, so that's why there's an interim step of the initial transfer request to your local dealer who takes possession of the firearm after that transfer is approved to him. When he receives your firearm, you then submit a new transfer request from him to you, during this whole process YOU are the owner of the firearm that you paid the original owner for. Regarding your in-state dealer's compensation, that's something you should have discussed prior to sending him any firearm for transfer, regardless of whether it's a title 1 or title 2 gun, as most dealers have higher transfer fees for NFA firearms since we're storing them for longer periods of time with greater possibilities of headaches with paperwork.
  14. Form 4-individual to SOT times?

    Had a couple come in last week right at 10 weeks, and have 3 others sent before those that are still out over 3 months. Sometimes I think they just randomly pull shit from the stack to mess with everyone.
  15. Transferables MG in Iowa?

    I thought Iowa legalized everything back in 2017?