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WTS: C&R MG34 $43000 and spare parts


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WTS C&R DOT MG34 $43000 on a Form 4

Also have spare parts that I am selling off and have included a list and pictures so let me know if you need anything.

Bolt 8

Parts Kit 3

308 Conversion 1

Spare 308 Barrel 1

8mm Barrel 7

Double Barrel Carrier 1

Buffers 3

Action Cover 1

Ammo Can 2

Firing Pin Spring 8

Firing Pin 10

Lafette Aircraft Extension 1

Soaker Can 1

Cams 2

Ejector Plate 2

Bolt Lock 3

Safety Button 2

Firing Pin Lock 3

Sear 5

Joint Lever 5

Dust Cover 3

Buffer Release Lever 5

Pins/Springs/Small Parts Box

Extractor Tool 1

Recoil Spring 8

Booster 8

Double Basket Carrier 1

MG51 Loader 1

Baskets 2

Links 30

Starter Tabs 5

RH Starter Tabs 2

Aluminum Ammo Can 1

Ammo Can 1

SA Can/Disent Links 1

Tool Kit 1

Carry Handle/Misc

Receiver Pieces

Transit Case 1

AA Tripod 1

Grip Assembly 1

Top Cover 1










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4 hours ago, Ryo said:

Love the box.. Is that original or replica? 

Also if you have a extra tray your selling that isn't part of your sale, I'd be interested in it. 

The box is original, and sorry not selling any extra parts.

Itll either all sell as a package or I will keep it.

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