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  1. 8mm to 308 conversion kit for the MG34 by OOW. Two 308 barrels with excellent rifling. Feed tray for 308. 308 booster cone. Top cover 308 feed arm. Price is $700 plus shipping.
  2. I have shot this thru my G43 basically because it is non corrosive. works fine. I use corrosive in the MG's because it is cheap.
  3. Value of a SGW RR low 8000 S/N

    Ryo seems to be right. Ammo prices will come down in a couple of years and shooting will be much more reasonable priced and enjoyable. you may want to keep it unless you need the money.
  4. Sold pending funds
  5. Form 4-individual to SOT times?

    6 months and still waiting
  6. Five Beretta 38A series Mags. 40 round capacity. Purchased from Inter Ordnance many years ago. The grease is still in them. $80 each plus shipping.
  7. I salvaged the powder on some old 8mm ammo. Brass was splitting and bad. Too much chance of damaging the guns. Small, square flakes. works great in my BAR. Salvaging of powder only works if all the powder is alike. Mixing powder types is not good. Reducing loads and working up is a must.
  8. Seven ammo cans with 250 rd belt for each can. Cans have some rust but are serviceable. Belts have some light rust that brushes right off. No rust pitting. Russian 7.62 x 54 R belts. One can with 250 rd belt. $25 plus shipping.
  9. I had a new sear spring installed for the testing. I cut the sear to get more engagement.
  10. Moving MG between two residences.

    BATF will approve for one year. Fill out one of the forms suggested above. Leave the travel dates and signature blank. Make several copies. Every Jan 1 fill in the dates and signature and send to BATF. BATF wants an original signature. I use blue ink to show that it is original. Real easy after the first time. Your Year can start at any time.
  11. You will also need C16. I have read that those parts control the rate of fire in the gun. I took them out of my gun when the gun would keep shooting when I let go of the trigger. 100 round test worked perfectly. Test was stopped when ejector plate worked loose again. BRP has a MG34 trigger vidio. Baum has a MG34 trigger group book.
  12. 13 Glock20 - 10mm magazines for sale. Good to excellent condition. Ten HI cap magazines. Three 10 rounders. HI caps $25 each. 10rd $20 each. Buy all for $250. Plus shipping
  13. BPP HK23EK feeding issues

    I have 4 HK guns. Real HK94 and 3 clones, MM23, 223 clone and 308 clone. None of them interchange. the parts are slightly different.
  14. For sale is an LM7 22lr upper. It has the regular bolt and the razor back bolt. I purchased over 10 years ago with all the factory extras. I purchased extras. I have 27 belts that go with it: 23-100 rd belts, 8 are new. 3-200 rd belts, 1-500 rd belt. Also a factory spare parts kit and some spares that I purchased. Also sights and bipod. Factory instructions included. It has been collecting dust in the basement. last time out it worked OK. PM if there are questions. $4000, Shipping, Insurance, and ammo extra. Check or money order for payment, held until clear.