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  1. Will call number provided.
  2. SOLD

    4 - SCAR 17 20 rnd Mags FDE 55.00 each 10.00 shipping SOLD
  3. Has maybe 500 rounds through it, runs 100% comes with one mag and sling. $2300.00 shipped to FFL FN SCAR 17 Gisselle trigger, Kinetic Charging handle, 2 mags $3100.00 shipped to FFL. SOLD
  4. WTS: RDTS build MP5 SPF

    Yes it is PM sent.
  5. SPF RDTS MP5 build surefire forearm and SB brace $2500.00 1 KCI mag Its a pistol and has never been an SBR
  6. WTB: Valmet M71 parts

    Message sent.
  7. WTB: Valmet M71 parts

    Looking for some parts for an M71 Valmet, rear site, top cover, forearm. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. WTS: Zenith Z5K

    Lower price ...
  9. WTS: Zenith Z5K

    Zenith Z5K SPF $2300, SPF .................................................................... Zenith Z43R (93/33 2 pin lower) $2600.00 . SOLD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  10. WTS: Zenith Z5K

    PM replied.
  11. WTS:Withdrawn

    PM replied.
  12. WTS:Withdrawn

    Going back into the safe for now. Willing to trade + - cash TB G36E, Valmet M76 or M78
  13. WTS: G36 and MP5 parts

  14. Shipping 10.00 HK G36 RAL8000 mag adapter to use ar15 mags or as the manual says 416 mags. $375.00 HK cocking tube supports 50 each or all three for $120.00
  15. Dakota Tactical D54 MP5 RCM US Barrel, Bolt carrier group. US LSC receiver charging handle, hammer, trigger, sear, grip housing and forearm. You can SBR add stock. $2600.00 Willing to trade + - cash TB G36E, Valmet M76 or M78
  16. PTR 32 7.62 x 39 ,runs 100% maybe 500 rounds with box 1 mag maybe 2 if I can find the other magpul mag I have for it. Gen II 1000.00 shipped to FFL
  17. HK MP5 a2 stock with Fleming a2 adaptor for MP5K, sp89 sp5k NFA rules apply. HK stock is date code 211 of 2II ? You can remove adaptor and use stock on MP5 type gun it just has some material removed to clear the tabs. 275.00 shipped
  18. SP89 SOLD 175.00 M60 Joe modified for Lightning Link Rock River lower. 250.00 Andro Corp Upper 350.00 SOLD
  19. Dakota Tactical D54-N in FDE comes as seen with 2 mags, 1-US 1-MKE. F type front sling loop, barrel threaded 1/2 x 32 RCM Barrel RCM auto bolt carrier assy. Will replace endcap with S&B brace if desired. $2700.00 shipped to FFL Possible trades Valmet M78,
  20. Colt Receiver M4 build, MagPul furniture, mil spec parts. $800.00 shipped to FFL Colt Receiver, SPR build. $700.00 shipped to FFL Zombie Spikes SPR build with Leopold Mark 3 $800.00 shipped to FFL GSG MP5SD Anniversary Edition .22 cal original box and 1 mag 400.00 Shipped to FFL Sold