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  1. WTS-SB Tactical Brace MP5. $175.00

    Ill take it. PM me for payment details..
  2. 40mm ammo

    PM me for info on 40mm rounds
  3. WTS- AK woden bullet blanks 250 plus 50.00 plus shipping

    OK their yours PM sent
  4. This is 2 mags HK 91 with mag pouches. 25.00 plus shipping
  5. This is a HK 91 full auto bolt ncarrier thats ready to go. 75.00 shipped paypal friends and family
  6. This is a full auto trigger group thats ready for a host 91 cloan or a HK 91 rifle Can be used to build a post ban by a dealer? . 150.00 shipped
  7. This is a HK 91 A3 stock thats new but has been put on a rifle to check fit, never fired. $250.00 shipped Pasypal friends and family
  8. These are AK wooden bullet blanks that are loud and feeds great. 250 amount plus a little extra. $50.00 plus shipping