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    Message sent. I will take it.
  2. WTB HK93 handguard and stock

    I have a couple 93 forearms I can dig out and shoot you pics. You looking for tropical ones? And what color is you 93 as far as stock? Black or old Blue gray like on the sako imported ones?
  3. Great Machine Guns for Sale

    email sent on m16
  4. WTS: Fully Transferable Machine Guns

    Will call number provided.
  5. SOLD

    4 - SCAR 17 20 rnd Mags FDE 55.00 each 10.00 shipping SOLD
  6. WTS: Items sold/withdrawn

    SCAR is sold.
  7. FN SCAR 17 Gisselle trigger, Kinetic Charging handle, 2 mags $3100.00 shipped to FFL. SOLD
  8. WTS: RDTS build MP5 SPF

    Yes it is PM sent.
  9. SPF RDTS MP5 build surefire forearm and SB brace $2500.00 1 KCI mag Its a pistol and has never been an SBR
  10. WTB: Valmet M71 parts

    Message sent.
  11. WTS: Zenith Z5K

    Lower price ...
  12. WTB: Valmet M71 parts

    Looking for some parts for an M71 Valmet, rear site, top cover, forearm. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. WTS: Zenith Z5K

    PM replied.
  14. WTS: Zenith Z5K

    Zenith Z5K SPF $2300, SPF .................................................................... Zenith Z43R (93/33 2 pin lower) $2600.00 . SOLD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>