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WTB: Lahti l-39 20MM parts

Christian Soldier

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I am in need of a few parts to finish a Lahti project.
I am looking for a nut that goes between the wooden barrel cover and the gas system see photos. I am also looking for a small screw that holds the barrel in it goes in the top of the receiver I attached a photo from my rifle. I am also looking for a muzzle break. Let me know if you have anything or can point me in the right direction. I really appreciate your help and all your knowledge. 

Missing Muzzle break.PNG

missing nut.jpg

Missing screw.jpg

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Id be happy to provide you with a dimensional drawing for the nut and screw if you could return the favor for a few lahti parts I need.

need drawings for the ski/bipod compnents so i can manufacture my own

need drawings for the J buttstock so i can manufacture my own

would really like to mount mine to a M3 tripod but would rather it be close to original design


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That small screw on top of reciever does not hold the barrel in, it just plugs the hole. Undernieth is a hard pin driven down into the barrel to key the two together. Had to drill mine out to remove barrel in prep fo r my custom 50 cal barrel. Mine is 1 of 200 pluged and sold on a 4473. WTS

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The nut appears to be a standard machine spindle nut, no doubt metric.  If you measure the outside diameter of the threads in metric or SAE (and convert), then count the threads 

per inch or 1/2 or 1/4 inch (convert to one inch) find an industrial supplier of fasteners you might be able to buy it over the counter, or possibly on the internet.

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