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  1. Its at a testing facility and the ATF is involved because there is a lot of NFA that do and dont have paperwork. A lot of it was lost over the years or some os so old that ot is pre ATF and on IRS forms. I am a FFL and have done most of the title 1 and nfa that we can prove what is (transferable and post dealer samples) woth no issues. This one an a few other DD's they are being dumb about because its a DD and no paperwork. I told them in the past I would remove the barrel and they were never an issue with other ATF officials but the two I'm dealing with now are not the brightest and probably have been there for a year at the most. The caretaker at the defunct testing facility is trusting the ATF and wants documentation on what to do and these two are saying they need destroyed. I am saying otherwise and want to show them in their own books on what can he done. Thanks
  2. I need some help transfering a DD without a barrel. In years past I have done multiple lahti's and other DD's that had no or demilled barrels and they always came from other dealers as a title 1 firearm. I have a lahti with no barrel that is part of a trade deal and the dealer is being told that it is a destructive device even though it has no barrel. It has no NFA paperwork but the ATF are playing hard ball and saying its contrban and needs the recivercut up. We'd like to keep the gun as intact as possible to one day bring back to life or convert to 50bmg or 20mm Vulcan. Can anyone show me in the direction to where the ATF states a DD with no barrel is a title 1? I had it in an older ATF publication but can not locate it. Thanks. Mike
  3. I'll be sure to ask when I find someone.
  4. I am in need of a lahti l39 20mm barrel. Looking for original but open to having a new one made if anyone knows of a shop that can handle it. I do have a demilled barrel that can be used for reference.
  5. This is correct, they are built on pearl recivers. Don did do all the work on this and it is perfect and ready to transfer to a happy new owner.
  6. Transferable Steyr mpi 69/81 Non C&R for sale. Fresh transfer 30 days ago. Currently on form 3 in PA, ready to transfer to dealer of your choice or directly to buyer if PA resident. This shoots great and very controllable. Comes with one mag. Asking $17,900.
  7. Muzzle break was found and bought from a board member. I'm hoping that someone can help source the rest.
  8. I am searching for a colt SP-1 complete unmodified serial number range SP05600 to SP08249 Colt SP-1 in rifle and or carbine.
  9. I am searching for a colt SP-1 complete unmodified serial number range SP05600 to SP08249 Colt SP-1 in rifle and or carbine.
  10. I am in need of a few parts to finish a Lahti project. I am looking for a nut that goes between the wooden barrel cover and the gas system see photos. I am also looking for a small screw that holds the barrel in it goes in the top of the receiver I attached a photo from my rifle. I am also looking for a muzzle break. Let me know if you have anything or can point me in the right direction. I really appreciate your help and all your knowledge.
  11. I am looking for a a 20mm Flak 38. I am looking for this for a client of mine and am looking to buy demilled or parts kit Flak 2cm with wheeled mount. Let me know what you have.
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