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  1. Still wanted L39 Bipod... with or without skis
  2. Hello all, planning to sell a used parts lot for the M2 50 cal. There is no barrel or receiver side plates just parts like the buffer, bolt, top plate, etc. From what I gather from US laws there is no FFl shipping requirement as the parts are not a firearm. Anyone have experience with this or have any advice? i do know a very few states have laws against possesion of these types of parts.
  3. Could you send me a picture of what you have?
  4. Id be happy to provide you with a dimensional drawing for the nut and screw if you could return the favor for a few lahti parts I need. need drawings for the ski/bipod compnents so i can manufacture my own need drawings for the J buttstock so i can manufacture my own would really like to mount mine to a M3 tripod but would rather it be close to original design
  5. Searching for the following: -ski and/or bipod mount or accurate dimensional sketchs to construct
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