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WTS Sterling Mk4 main recoil springs NEW $15.00

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Price is $15.00 each plus $7.00 shipping.  Shipping is $7.00 regardless on how many are ordered. 

I have contracted a one time run of BRAND NEW Sterling Mk4  (L2AA3) main recoil springs.

They are in hand and fit perfectly. They are aerospace quality ASTM A401 shock rated compression chrome silicon.

The result is DEPENDABILITY. Your gun will run 100% shooting the 1280 FPS 115 gr. ammo the gun was designed for.

I couldn't live without them. When Sarco, Numrich and Apex ran out the only way to get a questionable spring was in a used kit and some of those kits had bad 50 to 60 year old springs.

Contact Davis        NRArifletrainingNOSPAM@gmail.com

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If the assembler followed the correct protocol the answer is YES.  This spring is duplicated from original using better material but retaining the same energy on compression.

   To verify, just use a tape measure and find the distance from the barrel face to the rear of receiver with internals removed. That measurement should be 10.25 inches. The assembled gun OAL from muzzle cap to rear cap is 19 inches.  Slight fudge factor still is ok as a tape measure is not exact.

The only real big difference between Sten and Sterling tube variants is the slight change in position of the retracting handle.

BTW - Anything done by Charlie ERB is beyond reproach. Just one of the best.

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Springs are selling fast. Thanks.

Added offering - ORIGINAL Front spring and guide included with orders of three or more springs for $1.00 more ..!!!!!!  while supply lasts. 


Just received a small shipment of front recoil springs. Original

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