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  1. Trying to figure out if I have a correct mini-Uzi box. Will send you a PM
  2. Reed Knight had 3 Maremont 60’s in his personal collection that he sold off that had 2 digit serial numbers and began with “SL”. Anyone have a guess as to their origin? Would like to know as I have one. They were consecutively numbered (shoulda bought all 3!)
  3. alanrosnerr@gmail.com is not me! Scammer
  4. I have for sale an As New In Box a Colt Police Positive Special in .32 New Police (or .32 S&W long), 4” barrel, with the original factory box and paperwork. Made in 1963, so third issue. Excellent condition. $875 plus actual shipping from Fla.
  5. Need a Colt 1911 complete upper, and grip panels with diamond. Doesn’t need to be mint as my Colt frame ain’t so good either. But, it’s over a 100 yrs old!
  6. I may have what you are looking for. Will send you a PM
  7. Up for sale is a 30-06 Marlin Potato digger (ground gun). The manufacturer is Charlie Erb (side plate gun), but is a great example of a historic piece. Comes with an original digger tripod, and a belt. $19,500 not including shipping (heavy). Or NFA tax.. Form 4 in Fla. Send me info (email or text), and I can send pics..
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