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  1. WTS: Ruger AC-556F (Folder)

    Bump. Accepting reasonable offers
  2. ISO MG Parts ID

    Sent u a private msg
  3. Send $$! Either check or pay pal .friends and family.. rosner@harrisguidi.com or send to Alan Rosner 1837 Hendricks Ave. Jacksonville Fla. ....not sure where you are, but add $7 for shipping .. oh, zip is 32207
  4. Email me at rosner@harrisguidi.com or call me (904) 887-0322
  5. I would take a couple. Send me an email. Shipping info ??
  6. I think I bought this in the 90’s. Don’t think I ever used it.
  7. How’s about $18 shipped to Jacksonville Fla for the UZI dummy barrel? Email is rosner@harrisguidi.com
  8. I’ll take it. Can call me at (904)887-0322. Thanks
  9. WTB: Norinco 84s mags

    I have some 30 and 40 rd Chinese AK .223 mags to sell

    I have a MK2 kit for sale.
  11. WTS: Assorted handguns

    Any other RG’s for sale?
  12. WTS: Turk Ankara 8mm Mauser $275.00

    I have a bandolier of Turkish 8mm Ammo that’s dated about the same time as the rifle if anyone is interested