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Decked out Spitfire 45 ACP Package


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On form 4 in Virginia is my customized 45 acp bullet hose. Upgraded features include:

Permenant feedramp installed
m3a1 grease gun bolt installed/oem bolt included
safety removed
double trigger and disconnector installed for full and semi auto fire
barrel cut to 8" and threaded to .578x28
cerakoted black upper and lower
Also have a spare unused sear

rates of fire with OEM buffer:
unsuppressed = 720
suppressed = 800 

rates of fire without OEM buffer
unsuppressed = 450
suppressed = 500

Also included with the gun are six 30 round grease gun mags, a loader, and a converted suomi drum that holds 52.

The 45 caliber custom suppressor is made of titanium with stainless blast baffles. It is rated up to 300 win mag and have adapters in .578x28, 3/4x10, and 1/2x28. It is 11 inches long and user serviceable. A very quiet k baffle construction by Maddmann Silencers.

Price for package without suppressor - $5500
Price for package with suppressor - $6000

Buyer pays all shipping, transfer fees, and stamps. I would be happy to drive a reasonable distance to let a prospective buyer look at or test fire this machinegun. I am active duty Navy stationed in Norfolk, VA. I would be happy to provide any pictures or field any questions.

Please message me or email me at The.Colt.Collector@gmail.com

All NFA rules apply.

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I rebuild these guns for a living. I am Jack Schnaitman of J & S Gun Sales. I have been on Sturm board for many, many years. Just not in the current format. The Spitfire smg is a passion of mine. It is dubbed the "pick last" of all the smg's out there for one reason and one reason only. It jams. However, when i rebuild these guns, they never jam again, period. Don't matter what kind of mag you throw in it, it will run like any other smg and better than most out there.

The way this gentleman has his gun built is how I rebuild them. Most important being the feed ramp because these guns never had one when produced. they didn't have one because they were converted semi's and you really did not need one. I have 2 of these I am going to sell. Both have been rebuilt but only have 1 trigger as I see no use whatsoever in having 2. I like to run my guns at 450rpm and you can write your name with them. The stupid Mac is a bullet hose where these are nice and slow

Anyway if you turn down this deal you are an idiot. All these conversions would put the gun at 6500-7000.00. Plus he is throwing in a 1k silencer. No, I don't know this gentleman but I do know spitfires. This is a steal!!!

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