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  1. WTS. 45acp 230gn (600rds) ammo.

    Ammo is gone. Will Mark sold. Thank you for the boards!!
  2. WTS. 45acp 230gn (600rds) ammo.

    Up for sale is 600 rounds of 230 grain FMJ ammo. Brand new in boxs. 300 rounds of Winchester and 300 rounds of S&B ammo( not in picture) $420 shipped. Will not split. Ammo all brass cased and copper jacketed. Factory new fresh!!!
  3. WTS. 45acp 230gn (600rds) ammo.

    Willing to trade for some .223 55gn FMJ as well. Thank you
  4. Up for sale is a like new GG bolt M3a1 and three sets of GI Grease gun Drive springs. $250 for all shipped. Will not split.
  5. WTS. Pre-May HK Mp5

    Pre may HK Mp5, could use a refinish. Great shooter. Little roughy but will clean up nice. All german parts. Needs a good home. Someone to appreciate it! $12,500! Firm. Form 3. Ready to go. Pics to follow. Ty for looking.
  6. WTS. Pre-May HK Mp5

    Sorry sold it within seconds. Wasn’t looking for it to be sold on gunbroker for 3x the value. Wanted it to go to a good home and it looks like it is. Item is sold pending payment. Fastest I ever sold anything on here. Thank you for the boards. Will Post sold ASAP.

    Well your the lucky one to get a response. Good score. Good luck!!!!!

    Please Redact. Seller non responsive. Thank you.
  9. WTB SWD M11/9

    Found one from a great Sturm member!!!!! Will close.
  10. WTB SWD M11/9

    Looking for a Swd M11/9 on form 3. Pm what you have. Thank you in advance.
  11. WTS: MAC 10 9mm with lage upper $8500

    You mean the “Trip” is included or not included. Taking out the trip determines if the semi auto works. If there is no “Sear” the bolt has nothing to catch on?
  12. WTT 9mm for 45acp ammo

    This is gone. Will post. Ty
  13. WTT 9mm for 45acp ammo

    Wanting to trade 500 rds of new blazer brass 115gn and 124gn ammo for 400rds of any 45acp ammo. Thank you FYI Absolutely no reloads please!
  14. WTT 9mm for 45acp ammo

    will also throw in 40rds of Brass 5.56 ammo to sweeten the deal.
  15. WTS. Pre May IMI Uzi

    Up fo sale is a very nice barely fired Pre May IMI Uzi. Comes with all what’s in pics. Including five 22lr mags(Just need the conversion available from Subgun ordinance) also included in the sale is 500rds of 9mm commercial ammo. Great shooter, hasn’t been shot much!! Don’t miss out. Immaculate condition and low serial number. $8400 shipped(ammo ships separate from gun of course!) on a Form 3, ready to go!
  16. WTS Sten MKII

    Selling for a very close friend. Sten MKII built by Barr Armsmaker. Welds look fantastic and runs 100%! Gun and all in pic is included. It’s too my understanding that Barr stands behind his work and offers a lifetime warranty on his guns. This is a transferable and will transfer on a form 3 out of PA. $7500 shipped!
  17. WTS Sten MKII

    Price drop. $7300 shipped. Really nice welds in this Sten!!
  18. WTS. Pre May IMI Uzi

    Sold pending funds. FYI empty pill bottle not included!!! lol. Thank you buddy for the boards. Will Mark sold once at a computer.
  19. WTS. Remington 58 “Restored”

    Just gonna keep it. I’ll close soon. Thank you for the boards.
  20. Up for sale is a professionally restored Remington 58 12ga. Wood a slight mismatched but gun is perfect. Functions flawlessly!! Barrel not included. $400 shipped! Barrels can still be bought like new for $150 or use a 870 barrel and drill the two gas port holes. There are several gunsmiths that can do this for a minimal charge. Thank you for looking.
  21. $100 shipped!!! If not sold in a few days. Back in safe. Thank you
  22. Up for sale is a custom mount that allows you to mount a pistol buffer tube or a form 1 AR15 buffer tube to your ARX100 pistol. This is my last one. When gone that’s it. I’m not making anymore. $150 shipped. Will come with a pistol buffer tube. All nfa rules apply! Beretta pic below is just an example of the pistol.
  23. $130 shipped!
  24. Looking for South Florida MG gunsmith

    Andy is one of the best!!!
  25. Convert Madsen M50 to M53

    I second that. Tons of M-50 parts available, out there and inexpensive!!!!