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  1. What state? i have a C&R amnesty registered Mat-49 in 9mm that we could work out a trade if your interested Beau - 4106933036
  2. still make these! also have a 23ek bipod
  3. Wow great guy and gun here. Buy with confidence! -Beau
  4. Sleepy is good people. I recommend him as a seller to anyone -Beau
  5. I still make and sell these to order! Had about 50 different customers to date
  6. Looking for a clipped and pinned HK burst 4 position lower. Don’t need the trigger pack nor selector levers, just the housing. thanks beau 4106933036
  7. Looking for a transferable steyr aug sear/hammer pack. thanks! Beau 4106933036
  8. Please delete thread
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