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WTS/WTT: Czech Small Arms VZ61 22LR w/ threaded barrel & 2 magazines

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Item for sale are NEW Czech Small Arms VZ61 22LR complete Upper w/ threaded barrel & 2 20rd magazines.
These are hard to find. It is ready to drop on to a VZ61 lower.
Note: I have a few of these kits available for sale.

1. VZ61 Skorpion Complete Upper w/ threaded barrel in 22LR.
2. Thread protector
3. Two VZ61 20rd Magazines 
4. Cleaning Brush and instructions

Information from CzechPoint
.22 LR Universal Conversion Kit with 1/2 x 28 Threaded Barrel Information
The .22 LR Universal Conversion Kit is manufactured by Czech Small Arms and will fit and function with all three caliber vz. 61 pistols (.380 Auto, 9 mm Makarov, and 7.65 mm Browning).

Contents of the conversion kit
The kit includes the upper receiver complete and two 20 round magazines (magazines fit and function in all 3 caliber vz. 61 pistols), and thread protector. The bolt catch is not a functioning feature on the conversion kit.  An instruction and overview sheet is included with each kit.

.22 LR components and manufacturing
This is an extremely high quality conversion kit that uses the same materials as that found on the other caliber vz. 61s.  In other words, there is absolutely no zinc alloy/pot metal found with the conversion kit.  In addition, CSA has confirmed that manufacturing time is longer for the .22 LR kit than it is for any  other caliber upper receiver.   The .22 LR conversion upper is the most expensive complete upper to manufacture too.  Yes, more costly to manufacture than .380, 9 mm Makarov, or 7.65 mm Browning. 

Remove your existing upper receiver and replace with the .22 LR conversion kit and you are ready to shoot .22 LR.  These conversion kits cycle well with round nose ammunition. We've had successful results with hollow point during our testing, but we recommend round nose bullets for the best results.  Our favorite ammunition is the CCI brand, but we have found Aguila, Federal, and Winchester to cycle well during our testing too.  We do not recommend Remington Golden Bullet bulk pack.  As with any .22 LR conversion kit and/or firearm, experiment with ammunition and choose the brand and type that performs best for you.

Sorry, no international sales, and no shipping to APO addresses.
No shipping where prohibited. Please check your state laws.
Magazine will not be shipped to prohibited states and removed from the package. Please check your state laws.


Price: $700 shipped, USPS Priority w/ Insurance.
Payment will be through USPS MO, or Zelle. I may consider other forms of payment (no bitcoin).

Photos uploaded are one of many VZ61 22LR kits I have. This one is freshly opened, and includes Czech original oil in it ;)

If you have a interesting things to trade, I will consider it.
Other items I might be looking for:

  • MG34 tray
  • MG3 tray, prefer one that mounts the drum
  • MG Parts Kits
  • Tri-lug Uzi Barrel, SMG
  • Inert RPG  7
  • Inert Czech RPG SK-75, not the dark trainer

Note that I do have a few of these for sale.






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On 10/31/2022 at 12:33 PM, AVsAHFINC said:

I’ll take a set of the .22 VZ61 kits.  How do I order it.

You just contact me via PM on this site.  I'll message you on payment details.  Thanks.

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