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WTB: Delft m16 scope, any retro items


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On 9/2/2022 at 6:30 AM, AGG said:

For informational purposes only, I have seen the following SN range for the Delft 3x25 scopes:

Nr. 125- Nr. 1097.


The 601 Delft scopes started at serial number 306 and less than about 800 were delivered to Colt.  Maybe a hundred or so are in circulation with the rest of them remaining in storage.  (raiders of the lost ark style).  There have been a couple of troves of these NOS scopes sold in the last few years and original mounts are now in short supply.

The 3x25 Delfts you see with lower serials (<306) were made for the AR10 and have a threaded rod protruding from their belly, among other small differences such as the rear adjustment ring markings.

The earliest scoped 601 rifles used modified AR10 scopes which had the rod sawn off.  Knight has a few like that and the famous 601 brochure shows a modified AR10 scope.

I have a NOS 3x25 601 Delft scope ready to trade if someone finds they have an AR10 scope on their 601.

The SN 125 scope that was shown in the SAR article is in a Dutch collection, mounted on an AR10.  The SAR article also mentions the transition to 3.6x25.  Below is probably the first 3.6x25 Delft, made to mount on an early AR10 (see threaded rod).




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On 9/2/2022 at 12:14 AM, oldman1 said:

12/17/22 - Still looking for a delft m16 scope. With or without mount. I have a great looking repro mount. Please let me know what you have.

also looking for any and all retro m16 parts, accessories, etc. 



You said anything retro. I have original early Colt Specked Bakelite pistol grips. $10 each. Joelcramer@aol.com

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