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  1. Is the bolt head numbered or the carrier? Just asking cause bolts might/will fail after some hard use.
  2. Why not let forum members know who these people are that do not follow through? Seller complaints without specifics sounds a bit like whining, at least to this non-seller.
  3. The 601 Delft scopes started at serial number 306 and less than about 800 were delivered to Colt. Maybe a hundred or so are in circulation with the rest of them remaining in storage. (raiders of the lost ark style). There have been a couple of troves of these NOS scopes sold in the last few years and original mounts are now in short supply. The 3x25 Delfts you see with lower serials (<306) were made for the AR10 and have a threaded rod protruding from their belly, among other small differences such as the rear adjustment ring markings. The earliest scoped 601 rifles used modified AR10 scopes which had the rod sawn off. Knight has a few like that and the famous 601 brochure shows a modified AR10 scope. I have a NOS 3x25 601 Delft scope ready to trade if someone finds they have an AR10 scope on their 601. The SN 125 scope that was shown in the SAR article is in a Dutch collection, mounted on an AR10. The SAR article also mentions the transition to 3.6x25. Below is probably the first 3.6x25 Delft, made to mount on an early AR10 (see threaded rod).
  4. Do you have the jackwagon’s phone number, email addy, etc? In case he decides to “sell” something else.
  5. Keep track of all the ammo expended, storage costs, insurance, etc. A hobby should not show a profit. And NEVER put 'investment" as a reason for NFA transfer.
  6. I get stuff from Europe for personal use and tend to do a form 6 import about every 9 months. The ATF has changed what it accepts and I adapt accordingly. This is what I have learned from my various denials. The ATF wants form6's filled out for any MG part, even if it is below the $100 threshold. When importing a parts set, the ATF wants each part listed. They will not accept "bolt carrier group", or "fire control group". When importing an "AR" type upper receiver the ATF always asks for a photo to clarify the role of that part. The ATF does not accept unknown or unclear manufacturers' names. Even if the import is personal, the ATF wants your FFL number on the form 6 (if you have one). When denied, the applicant is invited to phone the examiner and is given their direct line. The examiners are helpful but tend to not be knowledgeable or are careful in what they share.
  7. Alternate solution: 1) Give select vendors each a sticky thread at the top of the list. That way the list does not have half a dozen threads fro each select vendor. 2) Ask other vendors to limit and consolidate their ads.
  8. Nice first post. And I see your second post is just above this one. Any buyer should be very careful here.
  9. I agree that the sales section usability is impacted by dominating RTG adverts. Others have done this at times. Pick one of two solutions: 1. Make RTG submit fewer advertisement posts, consolidating their ads. 2. Give RTG their own space to advertise Solution #2 is good if RTG is a big site supporter.
  10. This gun was a run-of-the-mill Guatemalan pre-may sample until a few years ago when someone decided to upgrade the barrel and furniture resulting in the rifle appearing as a Transitional model. The original Guatemalan AR10s had narrow bolt lugs and the above rifle was upgraded with a wide lugged Portuguese bolt and the associated barrel. So with the tougher bolt the above rifle can be used hard with no worry of a bolt failure. The 4-multipiece Portuguese handguard system was used as well. The front sight base and compensator also are from a Portuguese AR10. The upper and charging handle are from the Guatemalan. The grip and buttstock assembly were taken from a Portuguese AR10. The stock looks like one of the replacement pieces made by armorers in the 1960s. The only parts that are not Portuguese AR10 and the stripped upper, sight wheel, charging handle, and lower receiver assembly. The AR10 book by Putman shows an identical rifle as being a vary rare "missing link" cross between the variants. While there are many Transitional AR10 rifles made with Portuguese features, this particular rifle bears a Guatemalan serial number and was photographed in its original configuration just a few years ago. A genuine Transitional is shown in the thread linked below and one can see several differences. The real one is fully Transferable thus the exorbitant cost.
  11. The AFT can do what it wants when protected by the execute branch. For example, the AFT can decide that there is no sporting purpose in a binary trigger. Or the binary trigger must be re-designed to enhance firearms safety.
  12. And it is just a matter of time before the AFT changes its mind on binaries.
  13. I have a full set, crudely made in the 1960s to replace damaged furniture.
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