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  1. There is a price difference on the originals (E XXX) and the Ratworx/Steyr Arms (11XXXX). Tony
  2. Excellent buyer, great communications, and fast payment. Tony
  3. I am aware of 2 similar samples--- 4639 (in Switzerland), and 4741 (pre-86 in the United States). The first, HK-marked G3 that I am aware of is G3 HK 019201 over 9/60, with the “SEF” trigger pack housing. I may have overlooked the picture(s)--- what are the markings on the bolt? Tony
  4. I have an FN FNC, Belgian military scope mount with full picatinny rail that I acquired from Chris Barnett (who used to sell factory FNC parts years ago). PM me, if interested--- not needing a premium price--- I can send pictures if you want them. Tony
  5. Pictures of Galil SAR M365 are not showing. Tony
  6. Only the 5- and 9-round, but both are new. PM me, if interested. Also, a new M76 manual--- package deal accepted on either or all. Tony
  7. That is the factory correct barrel to reconfigure the SIG AMT to SIG 510-4. And SIG AMT magazines are extremely difficult to find. Tony
  8. You're welcome. Yes--- your picture is the "0" left of the "1" trigger pack housing. Since I cannot seem to attach a picture, here is an auction with the "0" right of the "1" trigger pack housing: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/968870024 Tony
  9. HK91's had 3 different trigger pack housings, depending upon the manufacturing date: 1. "SF" (1974-1980); 2. "0-1" ("0 to the left of the "1")(1980-1988); 3. "0-1" ("0 to the right of the "1")(1988-1989). The PSG1's have these trigger pack housings ("0 to the right of the "1"). CETME Modelo B and C: - “TSR” lower (T- Tiro a Tiro- “shot by shot”/semi-automatic; S- Seguro- “secure”/safe; R- Rafagas- “bursts”/full automatic) Tony
  10. No problem--- the one that you are looking for will be marked “OD 3000-579”. There are 3 yellow manuals--- “11/75”, “OD 5/77 e”, and “OD 3000-579”--- they cover HG-IA (76-80)--- transitioning to the red manual in IA (80). If you will PM me your SN, I will advise you on which one would be most proper. Tony
  11. I have one (dated 5/77)--- PM me with a reasonable offer. Tony
  12. Barrels (1974-1982/1:12; 1987-1989/1:7 or 1:12). I can verify with the barrel markings. Tony
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