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WTK: Ammo for C&R Sten MKII

Schmeisser Guy

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Finally got a chance to take out my Sten after a year wait. I tried three different brands of ammo: Winchester White box 115 gr., Herter's 115 gr., both these were brass case and then Blazer Aluminum case. Function was hit or miss. Some mags ran perfect others either would not feed or eject properly. Does it need hotter loads???

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The Herter’s 115 grain FMJ from Bass / Cabelas is Winchester White box sold under the Herter’s name.  American Eagle and Fiocchi always ran great in my C&R Sten although most of the failures to feed I experienced were magazine related.  Out of roughly 20 wartime magazines I had, only about half functioned reliably.  

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