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Just bought m2 registered kit questions.


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I just made a deal on a m2 conversion kit with the 7 pieces.  I am thinking of buying one of the new Inland or Kahr M1s for a host.  How hard is it to install the parts and would I need anything else for it to run?  I read something about a special potbelly stock?  Can the M1 stock be modified?

Thanks in advance

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If it came with just the seven deadly pieces, you'll need a couple more items:

  • M2 Trigger Housing (has a cutout for the 9 spring)
  • M2 Sear
  • M2 Slide
  • Round Bolt (not required, but highly recommended)
  • M2 Stock (can modify an M1 stock)

I think that's it. 

Not my video. All credit goes to ADCOSteve. 

ETA: Forgot the most important part: congrats on the M2. I loved my first one so much, I bought a second one. 

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So I picked up my kit yesterday.  My gunsmith is months behind on work.  Planning on buying a host this week.  I've watched the video and it looks straight forward.  My question is how much work has to be done to the m1 stock?  Am I better off finding a used M2 stock?  


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