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We've been around for a couple of years already, but it appears we are not as well known as we might have thought.

Those of you who have been on HKPro for many years, as I was ("Lamont") may be aware of a certain level of ongoing dissatisfaction among the membership there. This long predated the sale of HKPro.com to a Canadian company, "Vertical Scope", but in our opinion didn't improve after that either. "Someone", in response to numerous complaints, stated that "if you don't like it, you can go start your own site".

So we did.  hkproshop.com is the result. If you are into H&K, or if you left HKPro long ago for reasons such as everyone else who has left did, please take a look at what we're doing, and please consider becoming a member.

Hope to see you there!

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I have been a member of HKPROSHOP since it’s inception and thoroughly enjoy it. It is a site of no nonsense HK knowledge, filled with knowledgeable folks and new members that are learning as well.

It is a nice and respectful environment, to which I encourage folks to check it out.

Its also how I found out about this site and ended up joining here as well.


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