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SPF Like New Reising M50 w/ extras E-file

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I just got in an excellent Reising M50. The previous owner told me they purchased this new in the box in the 90s and took it out one time to shoot 500 rounds through it, it has sat in a safe until now. S prefix serial number puts it in last year production, likely one of the Numrich guns from the 80s. Included with this is 1-20 round mag, 1-12 round mag, the extra 12 round mag well, the original sling still in the foil wrap, original cleaning rod, and an original H&R manual. I will get pictures added in the next couple days. 

Price is $8000 plus $100 shipping/insurance via FedEx. This is in my inventory and ready to form 3 e-file. I have not done much on Sturmgewehr, but can provide feedback from other sites. Able to take multiple types of payment, including credit cards for +3%. Let me know any questions you may have.





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S- prefix number Reisings were made by H&R in 1957, Numrich bought a lot of them during the 1985 asset reduction sale.  

(Despite all the internet BS there was no H&R auction.) 

Reising Dates of Production

1941 Serial Numbers: 101-8500
1942 Serial Numbers: 8501-73600
1943 Serial Numbers: 73601-114317

1950 Serial Numbers: K101 to K973
1951 Serial Numbers: L101 to L3589
1952: No production
1953 Serial Numbers: N111 to N327
1954-1956: No production
1957 Serial Numbers: S4700 to S5607


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