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Several Pre and Transferable machine guns for sale

All on form 3 and available for efile

Transferable Uzi Bolt gun 9mm (B&G Bolt) installed in Century UC9 receiver

Price is 12000.00

WWII Spandau Maxim 08/15 8mm belt fed machine gun C&R needs rear sight

Price is 12000.00

Pre Sample Royal Type Writer 1918A2 BAR 30-06

Price is 16000.00

Pre Sample M1A1 Thompson submachine gun 45

Price is 15000.00

Pre Sample Madsen LMG 30-06

Price is 12000.00

Pre Sample Browning 1919A4E5 30-06

Price is 15000.00

Pre Sample German MG34 8mm

Price is 14000.00

Pre Sample HK G3SG1 complete in wooden case

Price is 15000.00

Pre Sample HK53A3 223 (this gun came from Knights armament)

price is 15000.00

Pre Sample HK51 (done with Cetme Receiver)

Price is 13000.00

Pre Sample FN FAL 308 (beautiful gun)

price is 11000.00

Pre sample Mauser 712 in custom wooden box with extra mag

Price is 11000.00

Pre Sample Madsen M50 9mm (just cerakoted)

Price is 7000.00

email for pics

Price does not include shipping.

Offers and trades considered!


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