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  1. Autogun, You've been around a good while, sorry to see you shut down the M.G. portion. But im interested in: B&B armory Glock switch never installed AR15 drop in auto sear Just in case you decide to split up the collection. Thanks Openbolt My email: 8651741 (at) gmail (dot) com
  2. Thank you Schnellfurer for the awesome wood! I appreciate you reaching out to me. It's now rockin' its new wood stock!
  3. Chef and I have have worked out a sale for the whole package. It's now: Sold to "Chef". Thank you. Shipped: May 20 2022
  4. Shortbarrelpete, I said I think I've got it sold. It is available. You also never said "I'll take it'' so there is no issue with it's availability. You decide what I actually said:
  5. Bump for April. Here's a picture of the import mark that a few have asked about..
  6. I'm looking for an original IMI UZI SMG Q.D. Wood buttstock. Prefer dark wood as opposed to blonde. Good to excellent condition. See picture below. Will pay a premium for type 2 (longer L.O.P.). I'm aware that these are available through several different surplus parts dealers but I'd prefer to see the exact stock I'm buying. PLEASE SEND A PICTURE AND I'LL MAKE OFFER. OR JUST SHOOT ME A PRICE SHIPPED. Thx, openbolt
  7. Sold to "C.N." Bump for August. $2300.⁰⁰
  8. It's still available. Gary in Houston never replied when I reached out..so it is still for sale, on a form 3 in Idaho ready to E-file. Thx.
  9. Gary in Houston, I've sent you my contact information including phone number and address via Sturm P.M. Thanks!
  10. Still available. Bump to the top for July.
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