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    Thompson pics please
  2. Looking to add a Boys Anti Tank Rifle,Mk 1 or 2 (rebarreled to .50 Cal) to the personal collection. Text 512-785-5116
  3. Interested, can you PM me.
  4. PSL 54, $2,500

    Can you send pics to
  5. WTB Pre 86 Beretta PM12s

    Can you shoot me a PM with some pricing?
  6. Reccomendations for MPK Barrel Thread

    Can't find any that are for an MPK/MPL
  7. Have a spare MPK barrel and looking to get it threaded for a can. Reccomendations?
  8. Keltec - KSG Tacticals NIB (Old Stock) $775 each + s/i - Also SU16's

    Interested in one or both the KSGs
  9. WTB 1 or 2 MPL/MPK MAGS

    Looking for one or two MPK/MPL 32 round mags. Thx
  10. WTS: PreSampe Beretta PM12

    PM Inbound
  11. WTB Pre 86 Beretta PM12s

    Looking for a Pre Sample PM12S
  12. WTS: Pre-May Dealer Samples, Etc

    Is the PM12S Still available? Can you send pics to if it is! Or PM me, Thanks!