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KG-9 is it legal


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A customer wants me to sell his like new KG-9 open bolt 9mm pistol (forerunner of Tec-9).  I know anything built prior to Jan 19, 1982 can legally be possessed/sold as a semi auto pistol according to the BATF rule enacted at that time.  Not sure if it has changed, and sure don't know how to date the firearm by serial number.  I imagine these guns are in the $4,000 range since they are pretty rare.  Is this a hot potato I should avoid?  I am an FFL/SOT.

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Should be legal, all the kg9’s were made before the date. I had always personally heard that the closed bolt tec 9’s were junk but I thought the original kg9’s were actually supposed to be pretty decently made. $4k seems high to me as well. I wanted one for awhile, and they seem to pretty consistently do about $3k to end user. 

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A link to the ATF letter for anybody who is interested:


In Liberty,


ETA: Link is not working correctly. Copy and paste appears to work fine.

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It’s legal they come up here and there from time to time they are indeed pretty rare I believe there was less then 2,500 of them made in 1981- 1982 from what I’ve always been told don’t know how true that number is. Think about how few are still around out  since most these ended up in police evidence rooms it seems like lol

I’ve seen them go for around $2-3k over the last 3-4 years gunbroker, midwestguntrader, gunshows when they have everything in good condition. when they don’t have the “assault grip” and case seems more of a $2,000 dollar gun or less. I passed on one 2 years ago wish I wouldn’t of. With the price of tec 9s now adays  pushin 650-900 you may be able to get 3k for it maybe a little more to the right guy in the right condition with the right extras. 

few days ago I saw some one put a kg9 prototype up on gun broker for $4500  I don’t know if it’s still on there or not it is a very low 2 digit number witch is super cool

But other then that I haven’t seen one up for sale in about 8months to a year. 


Before you buy Make sure the receiver isn’t cracked and make sure it hasn’t been glued or melted back together across the seems  I’ve seen this done on more then one gun so please don’t fall victim to that because they do not hold up at all once that happens

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