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  1. Hey, thanks man I appreciate the info. The date stamped on the box is usually the correct DOM. I have the Mac man book. It’s my understanding that generally most of the powder springs guns were manufactured in the year before they are coded for. I had guessed based on the numbers in the Mac book this gun should of been a July ‘72 manufacture gun, so late June is damn close. That likely makes my gun made roughly August ‘72. So it’s likely awful close to C&R right now and yours already should be. Have a good one, and good luck on the sale. I wish I was in the market.
  2. Might I ask you a question about your 10/45? It their a Date of manufacture stamped on the box? Yours is within a 1000 of mine and I’d like to know the DOM for eventual curio and relic status likely next year if you wouldn’t mind?
  3. I once inquired about buying a Mac from them. Mac’s at the time were routinely $5-6k (probably 6-6.5 years ago. They told me their cheapest Mac started at $8500, and I would never find a Mac for $5-6k, b/c they were currently paying more for them then that, in a very condescending tone. I thanked them for their time and moved on. I bought a Mac w s/n matching two stage can, half a dozen mags and a bunch of other accessories a week later for $6k.
  4. Hey, just a quick question for you if you could be so kind. Would I be correct in assuming there is one more digit in the s/n of this gun after the 597? I ask b/c I have one that’s within a few hundred of what I think is this one and I’ve been trying to figure out when mine goes C&R. If it’s a 597x gun that gives me a real close approximation. Thanks.
  5. Glad to hear your doing ok Roy! Hope everything worked out well with the recent surgical consult. Boy, you sure did have us worried that night! You’re all anyone talked about that night. At least it got us off the new nickname. =D. Hope you make a decent and timely recovery! Take it easy bud! Tim
  6. Do you mean the m11 .380 or the 11/9 9mm? Sounds like you got a good handle on what to get already. A spare set of fcg parts is good to have laying around, but they don’t routinely eat parts or anything. If you bought an 11/9 I’d probably look into a rifle caliber upper. They’re the bee’s knees. Lage’s is pricey, but there are a few others like the Ultimac in the works that looks promising. Basically, if you see ANYTHING you think you might want for it, just buy it ASAP. This is a niche market, with lots of limited time runs. Cool stuff cometh, and cool stuff goeth, but wise man buyeth ALL! =D
  7. I don’t know the answer to your question, but I bet I know where your from. Do t worry, NOTHING deteriorates as fast as a Pennsylvania road!
  8. Well shit Houston, I thought the reason you didn’t like to let folks shoot that micro was you didn’t want ‘em catching VD off it! =D
  9. Soooo pretty sure autoweapons.com is the cat that caught a 5 year bid for improprieties w police dept. mp5’s? Think someone else runs it for him in absencia. I’ve never bought from them, but I have dealt with, discussed potential products I was interested in over the phone because he was in my state. He struck me as extremely rude, and very, very expensive. I was looking for a Mac in 2016 for $5-6k range which was the reasonable going rate for them then. He told me that I was crazy (in a very condescending tone) and that he was paying more for then that for them then as a dealer and his cheapest one started at $7800 which was $$$$ for that time. I thanked him for his time and decided I’d never do business with them on anything at any price in the future. Bought a very nice PS 10/9 w 5 mags, a case and a s/n matching Mac two stage can and a bunch of accessories less then a week later for $6k LoL.
  10. Gosh, sorry to hear of your difficulties Mike. Plenty of us here hoping for you to pull through. Thank you for all the wisdom and advice you share on here. I, for one, always look forward to your input. Best Wishes, Tim
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Stinger-Novelty-Finger-Offset-Picatinny/dp/B086VZN6CJ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=middle%2Bfinger%2Bsight&qid=1595640187&sr=8-3&th=1&psc=1 You’re Welcome!
  12. Yes.. will be posting to UT, youtube, Reddit /NFA, snugbus, probably here. Pretty much to anyone that’ll listen LoL. I’m just starting w an AR/M16 mag well and later an AK but I know he plans on eventually having mag wells for a myriad of options. Suomi, glock, Thompson, uzi, AK74, you get the idea. If everything goes well it’s gonna make Macs ridiculously versatile. It should accommodate basically any caliber that you can do in an M16 w the added benefit of magazine modularity too.
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