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WTS Colt MG-52A 50 bmg, Finnish Maxim, maxim 08/15, Walther MPL


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C&R Colt Watercooled Mg-52A $39,500. Comes with two spare barrels, runs 100% and ready to run. Gun is in good condition, non matching internals. Gun uses all current M2HB internals excluding barrel (comes with 3 total like new barrels) Sold pending funds.

Finnish Maxim on Finnish Maxim tripod similar to Swiss maxim tripod built on a C&R DWM side plate. Gun is in excellent condition, comes with rear traverse clamp. Gun runs 100%. Removed and going to keep.

Walther MPL Pre 86 dealer sample machine gun $4600. Comes with 1 mag, runs 100%, excellent condition, can only be sold to a  SOT dealer or manufacture. Sold

I have video of every gun running. More pics on request, have been on Sturm since 2001 and have plenty of references, all guns will transfer E file if your dealer is set up for it. In MN the two guns can go direct to the buyer after form 4 is approved.






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