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    That’s a good $15k+ too much.
  2. WTB m60 rivet set

    Anyone have a spare set of rivets for a M60?
  3. Pre May HK53 (223) $10k

    Per our conversation I’ll take it.
  4. You could find 1910 locks for that price. The 08 locks are bringing $7-800 for years now.
  5. I’ll take the loader.
  6. WTB M60 op rod and bolt

    Looking for new old stock or excellent. Please let me know what you have. Thanks, Aren
  7. WTB pre samples

    Looking to add another pre sample to the collection. Rifle caliber, Thompson or anything else interesting. Not interested in Resings, Sten’s, MPL/k, uzis. Thanks, Aren
  8. Need ID help on Spade Grip

    Vickers spades. Dave are you from Sarco? If so I’m looking for those m2 spring sets you use to have on your site.
  9. WTB: M249S

    I have a 249s, what are you willing to pay?
  10. WTB Minimi presample

    I have a posty, looking for a fair price on pre...
  11. Transfer Difficulty need opinion

    If they are just transferring between licenses and sot were both valid during the 20-21. A paper form 3 is still a month or less. Now if they let the old sot lapse, it’ll be a 3-4 month ordeal to transfer the gun.
  12. Looking for one of the Argent 1898 Maxims, Brass would be preferred. Also always looking for any Maxim parts or lots. Please let me know what you have . Thanks, Aren
  13. WTB Minimi presample

    Looking for a m249 minimi pre sample, please let me know what you have.