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  1. For Sale: Transferable S&W 76 9mm SMG. 8" barrel. This belonged to the New York Department of Civil Service (DCS) and the inventory sticker they placed on it is still in place. There are (5) 36 round magazines included. My customer for whom I'm selling it purchased it in 2007 and never fired it. The first time it was fired since then was when I test fired it last week (video in the link below). It runs great and is in excellent condition. S/N is U5008. This SMG is on a form 4 and in my possession in my Arkansas shop. It will transfer to your dealer on an electronic form 3. Link to full resolution photos and video $17,000 + $200 insured shipping.
  2. For Sale: Colt SP1 AR15 full auto conversion by John Norrell. The conversion was done on a form 1 in April of 1986 by my customer for whom I'm selling it. His name/city/state is engraved on the right side of the receiver on the magwell. It's very faint but can be seen in the close up photo. He had John Norrell perform the conversion. The manufacturer on the form 1 (and now form 4) is Colt. It has a 20" pencil 5.56 Colt barrel and Colt full auto BCG. Full auto 3 position selector. It's in good condition and runs great -- see video in the link below. This machinegun is on a form 4 at my shop in AR and will transfer to your dealer on an electronic form 3. $29,500 + $200 insured shipping to your dealer. Link to full resolution photos and video Please email or call with any questions you have. brennan@firearms4less.com 501-680-4867
  3. SOLD - Transferable S.W.D. M-11 9mm SMG. Great condition and runs great -- see video in link below. My customer for whom I'm selling this purchased it in June of 1989 and fired it on one occasion. It was a safe queen ever since. S/N 86-0005110. Fake suppressor / barrel shroud (7) Zytel 30rd mags (2) Steel 30rd mags (new) Owner's manual Mag loader & cleaning rod This item is in my possession at my shop in Little Rock, AR on form 3. It will transfer to your dealer on a form 3 via ATF e-file. $14,000 + $200 insured shipping. Link to full resolution photos and video Email or call with questions: brennan@firearms4less.com 501-680-4867
  4. Transferable Colt model 614. Ar-15 M16 Factory machine gun not a conversion Has PD markings but Has original upper and stock. No other uppers. On form 3 at local gun store. Only trade I'd be interested in is a Ingram model 6 and cash. 30k
  5. We have a Spitfire SMG in very good condition with no operating issues. The first Form 3 transfer from 1974 showed the barrel as 16.5” and the next transfer from STP to STP or SOT as in the present day vernacular was in 1978, and the barrel length on the form 3 is listed as 12.5”. The barrel length was altered in the years in between. We ran a magazine through it after we obtained it and there were no issues. The weapon has been cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaning system and lubricant applied during reassembly. The Spitfire is currently on a form 3 and in our inventory. We use the eForms system, which cuts down on Form 3 approval times. If a NV resident it can transfer directly on a Form 4 if so desired. This weapon is full auto only, there is no need to fool around with the safety to shoot the weapon, one interested party did ask the question. Just put a magazine, charge it by pulling the bolt back, so that it locks behind the sear and pull the trigger. This Spitfire is quite controllable. The rate of fire is about that of an M1-M1A1 TSMG, there is a buffer currently between the bolt and end cap of the weapon. One may remove said buffer and the rate of fire is reduced. With the GG bolt it is a little bit heavier and it is a slower rate of fire with it in the receiver, but not as slow as a GG. Operationally, it functions as a Grease Gun, bolt rides on two guide rods with recoil springs and is F/A only. It is basically a tube type receiver like the Sten, GG and several others. It is a nice submachine gun as an entry level weapon or as a shooter for others. There are not many transferable SMGs under 10k out there. Perhaps, if you can find a aftermarket Sten MkII or sometimes there are a few Sten MkV models that are registered in the NFRTR as the model at the time of manufacture. The Spitfire carbine was originally manufactured in the 1960s by the Spitfire manufacturing company of Phoenix AZ as an open bolt semi automatic carbine. It was soon discovered that with the easy manipulation of the safety lever it could be fired in full auto. Therefore in 1968 it was deemed a MG and was put under the preview of the NFA. See Rev.Rul 68-368 in the ATF website under firearms/doc/ruling for the specifics. Some have asked if the weapon is a semi auto conversion, it is not. The weapon comes with 3 grease gun magazines and a carrying case that came with our purchase. Grease Gun complete bolt assembly included in the purchase price. Will not separate the bolt assembly from the package deal. We have the FOIA weapon’s history and we can include that with the purchase if so desired. $7,800 Shipped David
  6. Used (like-new) Styer AUG with multicaliber Fleming Sear, chambered in 5.56 and 9mm Grey chassis Comes with original "donut of death" telescopic sight, extra mags, and case $40,999.99
  7. We have a beautiful model of an Ingram M6 Police, it has a very nice carrying case and 2 magazines with it, extremely clean and well maintained. It looks like it has some marks on the top where the barrel meets the receiver, other than that it appears to be in very good condition. 3 position selector with the full auto setting having the short pull single, and long pull full auto. Ready to E-form 3 to your dealer or if you are local to Phoenix we can take care of your Form 4 in house. Sold Pending Funds Available to see at our phoenix location, or if you need more photos or have questions please feel free to reach out to us here or at Sales@tombstonetactical.com Thanks
  8. SOLD Fully transferable MAC 10 .45 POWDER SPRINGS. On a form 4 in ohio. This was listed with a Lage upper and that is now SOLD. I have plenty of videos of me shooting this. I will accept cash, personal check, bank transfer. Paypal add 3%. Runs like butter. $8,995 FIRM. Comes with one stick mag and the typical MAC stock. Money must be paid in full before transfer. References available if needed. I also have videos of me shooting this if needed. SOLD
  9. Looking to make a deal on one or similar .308 caliber . His me up if you got one you’ll let go of.pm me.
  10. Thompson Stemple STG M1A 76/45 45 acp Full auto machine gun Transferable EUC Includes: 3-30rd stick mags Shipping & Insurance included Inv. # 255 $12,200.00 Please PM me at 570-850-7492 or doubletapfirearmspa@gmail.com BEWARE OF FAKE EMAILS
  11. Sturm Ruger AC556F 5.56 cal full auto machine gun Select fire safe/semi/3RD burst/full auto Excellent Condition/Safe Queen Extras Included: Full wood stock 3-30 rd mags 22 cal Conversion kit Form 3 Shipping & Insurance included Inv. # 196 $16,500.00 Please PM me at 570-850-7492 or doubletapfirearmspa@gmail.com BEWARE OF FAKE EMAILS
  12. WTS H & K MP5 9mm Transferable Fleming registered receiver Excellent condition 1 - 30rd mag 4 position, 3 round burst pack, full auto $41,000.00
  13. For sale is one transferable Galil 372 machine gun on Form 3 in IL. Manufacturer is “Israel Military Industries”. The gun is in great condition and I have never shot it since taking ownership. Price is $37,500 Please text or call with any questions: 847-942-2574
  14. SPF Transferable Frankford Arsenal M16 recently refinished by Gary's Bunker. On form 3 in dealer's inventory in PA. Can Efile to your dealer. Comes with PSA 11.5" upper and one magazine shown in pictures. Test videos linked below. $25,500 plus $100 for insured shipping. Payment in USPS money orders or cash. Available for inspection. Please PM any questions.
  15. Fully transferable, two stamp weapon with serviceable can, single owner. SD can and SD work done by Fleming. On Form 4 in Lima, OH area. New buffer in original stock. Buyer pays stamps, seller will cover shipping USPS registered mail w/ insurance. PM me for additional pics and # to talk. $46k..now $42k To clarify, gun has Fleming stamped on receiver under lower. Qualified MFG is not present. Paperwork for mg conversion shows Qualified, and SD can is by Fleming. Video here:
  16. Pre-86 Heckler & Koch H&K (German) MP5A3. The finish shows some of the typical light scratches/marks from being carried across a SWAT guy’s chest on a HK MP5 sling. The plastic buffer piece that goes in the back of the butt stock assembly needs to be replaced. This is a cheap part, and my recollection is that the gun shoots just fine even with this piece only partially there. The plastic SEF Trigger Group housing has “SWAT 2” lightly etched into it. See picture. There are no PD markings on the gun itself. It’s been carried and it’s been shot, unknown how much. Bore looks good, additional pics upon request. This is a “shooter grade“ gun, and it is priced it accordingly. On a Form 3, ready for e-Form transfer. $17,500 plus shipping. Email gpd035@sbcglobal.net Phone: 903-450-3943
  17. For your consideration is an unfired, fully transferable Sten MKII sub-machingun in 9mm. Built by York Arms on a registered receiver using a Canadian Long Branch parts kits. The gun also has additional markings in Chinese. This is a one owner gun originally purchased in 1984, copies of the original paperwork will be included. This machinegun is in unfired condition and still has the ring installed near the trigger guard where the original price tag was hung. Some storage marks are visible. All NFA RULES APPLY. This item is currently in our possession and is ready for IMMEDIATE FORM 3 transfer via EFORMS. Texas residents pay 8.25% sales tax. Sales price does not include the $200 transfer tax or your local dealer’s transfer fee. $10,000
  18. Up for sale is a Fully Transferable Group Industries Uzi HR4332 chambered in 9mm. This machine gun is in excellent condition with box and one mag! This Uzi is in our vault and ready for immediate Form 3 transfer to a dealer of your choice. ALL NFA RULES APPLY. Please feel free to reach out if you would like more details. Thank you! $21.5K
  19. Thanks for looking at the below transferable list I am looking to part with from my collection. All are unfired by me and all are on a F4 in PA. These have been in my collection for the past few years and I’m looking for good homes for them. These are pristine items of which you will be hard pressed to find anything in better condition out there. Thus, tire kickers and photo collectors please don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours! I have ~650+ positive feedback on gunbroker and a local dealer for reference/assistance in transfer if needed. All deals are required to be paid for in full and I will then promptly start the paperwork to your dealer or if you’re a PA resident we can do a in-state single stamp transfer. I will cover the first stamp for any transfers (In-state or out of state). Shipping to be paid for by the buyer of the exact amount charged by the shipping group/shipping method that the buyer chooses to utilize. Please IM for any details, additional photos, or questions. Thanks again for looking!! NIB Powder Springs M10/45. Comes with original box as shipped in 1973 from MAC. Original paper that the gun was wrapped in included with sale but is torn etc. Includes hanger strap and mag loader that came with it when I purchased it. a. Priced at $12,000 $11,500
  20. SOLD SOLD SOLD For your consideration is a pair of fully transferable and sequentially serial numbered MAC 11s in .380ACP. These guns are both MAC/RPB double stamp. These are both one owner guns originally purchased in 1984, copies of the original paperwork will be included. These guns we’re either never fired or fired very little. The internals and barres appear in like new condition. All NFA RULES APPLY. This item is currently in our possession. Transfer paperwork to our license is currently pending and will have to clear before will be able to transfer the item to the buyer. We should have that paperwork approved within the next eight weeks. As a result 50% of the sales price will be due up front and the balance due when the item is ready to ship. Texas residents pay 8.25% sales tax. Sales price does not include NFA transfer taxes or your local dealer’s transfer fee. $20,000 for the pair (serious inquiries DM me for a shipping and insurance quote) SOLD SOLD SOLD
  21. SOLD SOLD SOLD **READY FOR IMMEDIATE EFORM FORM 3** For your consideration is a fully transferable Colt SP1 conversion. This was a 1971 Colt SP1 that was converted to select fire by MCC/Guncraft in Dallas, TX prior to the 1986 ban. This a one owner gun and has been fired with an unknown round count. Copies of the original paperwork will be included. All NFA RULES APPLY. This item is currently in our possession and ready for immediate efile transfer via Form 3. Texas residents pay 8.25% sales tax. Sales price does not include the $200 transfer tax or your local dealer’s transfer fee. $27,500 delivered
  22. SOLD SOLD SOLD **READY FOR IMMEDIATE EFORM FORM 3** For your consideration is a fully transferable Colt M16A1 factory carbine in all original condition. Including original 14.5” upper and vinyl acetate covered, aluminum 2 position collapsible stock. This machinegun is much more rare than a standard M16A1 because it left the Colt factory as a carbine and is registered as such. This is a one owner gun, purchased new in 1985. Copies of the original paperwork will be included. All NFA RULES APPLY. This item is currently in our possession and ready for immediate efile Form 3. Texas residents pay 8.25% sales tax. Sales price does not include the $200 transfer tax or your local dealer’s transfer fee. $42,000 (serious inquiries DM me for a shipping and insurance quote)
  23. WTS Transferable B-G Machine Bolt in 45ACP on form4 $14,000.00, will consider offers Also have an Action Arms Model A host on form4 if interested, mags, assorted parts for additional purchase. Thanks
  24. WTS Reising M50 on form4 $8,000.00 Plus Ship. Sold as is. Additional stock and other items available for purchase. Sten on form4 $8,000.00 Plus Ship. Sold as is. Additional 32rnd Sten Mags and Lanchester 50rnd mags available or additional purchase. Both function without issue
  25. I must be blind but can't see how to delete this post...Decided not to sell. Thank you to all those who showed interest. Great shape Factory original Colt M16A1. Includes gun as configured in pics. If you would like the extras in pics ((2) additional Colt uppers (9mm and 5.56), bayonet, and buttstock) add $2k. I believe the color difference between the upper and lower is due to cleaning / oil. I personally have never used any of the uppers. The lower was used with a different upper and I have put less than 1000 rounds through it.
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