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  1. WTS: BRP Stemple 76 STG U9/U45 Package - Price Increase 05-1-21

    I love all 4 of mine! Great guns and Brian will take the time and answer any questions! Run great on cheap steel case ammo! Happy Easter!!
  2. WTS: B&G UZI Bolt in Group Ind Host $12,800

    So the host is on a form 4 also since not married to the bolt and I would assume to be an SBR? Maybe I am wrong on that.
  3. I will take them per our conversation and agreement. Thanks
  4. Are these still available? Please text 570 850 7492
  5. Large Pin Flat Top Sp1 Upper

    PM sent
  6. Form 1 Caliber designation

    Thanks for the information
  7. Form 1 Caliber designation

    Have customer wanting to do a Form 1 on a AR-15 Lower. He wants to put on different caliber uppers. Can we put in the section for caliber, MULTI CALIBER? Thanks
  8. WANTED: complete upper for MAC 11

    Hello what is a M/11 upper going for now? Thanks
  9. WTS: Broadhead Armory RDIAS W/ Lakeside Machine LM7

    Sorry not sure what's up with that Text 570 850 7492 David
  10. WTS: Broadhead Armory RDIAS W/ Lakeside Machine LM7

    Yes did not receive message
  11. WTS : West Hurley 1928 Thompson

    Sent another PM
  12. WTS : West Hurley 1928 Thompson

    PM sent
  13. WTB: M16 conversion or Colt SP1

    Some semi auto SP1s were converted to full auto. If I understood your question.
  14. WTS Vector/Group Industries UZI $13k

    Question, when living in the Communists territories and buying a machine gun, does the owning a machine gun override the high capacity magazine ban? I have a friend who lives there and he was wanting to know?