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  1. As seen in Firearms News magazine! Whether you are building up a new gun from a parts kit, or ditching the blocky side mount fcg box on your existing semi auto build; this kit includes all of the parts needed to run your SG as a semi auto. The entire operating system is contained within the receiver for an authentic look; just like Goryunov intended. Once your receiver is built with denials in place, we supply the parts and instructions to bring you all the way to a successful test fire range day. See our website for further details including a video overview of how the system works and a PDF download of our 27 page installation guide with blueprints, exploded view diagrams and more. https://freedommachineworks.com Parts included: Piston group: Piston, piston end, recoil spring, spring spacer and horseshoe retainer. Guide rod group: Guide rod, sear and sear spring Trigger group: Disconnector cradle Disconnector Disconnector return spring and retainer Trigger spring Trigger link and anchor Grip frame weld plate SGMT (optional) Fcg cartridge, SGMT trigger link and additional pins. For standard SGM builds: order the SGMT parts set. Additionally, the thumb trigger and safety bar from an SGMT electric fire control solenoid will be required. For KGKT builds: order the SG43 parts set. Additionally, an SG43 thumb trigger and safety bar are required. Standard SG43 kit $450 + shipping SGMT kit $550 + shipping
  2. Good condition open bolt Mini Uzi parts kit. This has all the matching torched cut receiver sections minus rear section. I removed most of the slag without taking away material and gave everything a cleaning. The rear section that is with the kit is one that I made from a full size Uzi repair section. The rear slot and leftover gussets were welded up. The right side ear has the sight spring leaf hole milled out already along with 2 rear sight bases (1 surplus one not pictured) The rear sight base would still need the holes drilled out to size which is marked on it. Left side hole needs opened up with a 7/32 bit and right side needs drilled with a #26. No tapping is needed for Type B rear sights. The hinged back plate is tightly fitted to the stock. See pics for the front trunnion. The rear portion is already out but the front portion needs some persuasion to get out. You could either reweld the original trunnion or put a new one in, regardless it has to come out. This kit does not come with a barrel but a Mini UZI barrel can be had by cutting down a full size Uzi barrel 1.750 inches and rechambering, this is what I've done on my Mini build. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I'm brand new here but you can check my feedback on GunBroker as M16A1_GUY and eBay as momo_1076 $1450 shipped https://photos.app.goo.gl/qtdwVgNX4qKv2C5f7
  3. WTS M1928A1 parts kit. Asking $1850. Pic below shows kit with 80% receiver which is NOT INCLUDED. Smooth barrel with comp at muzzle. L sight. 1x stick mag. Good wood. Condition as shown. Originally purchased from OOW. Buyer pays actual shipping from SW FL. All NFA, fed, state, local laws, rules, regulations, etc. apply. No foreign sales. New pics below. Thanks
  4. BREN MKI Parts Kit, complete, torch cut receiver, 2x mags, 2x barrels. (Second barrel sent by original importer as replacement because wood was damaged on original barrel). Condition as shown. All NFA rules apply as well as any other federal, state, local or other applicable rules, regulations, etc. $1100 plus buyer pays actual shipping. Payment and other terms subject to agreement between buyer & seller. No foreign sales. Located in SW FL. Thanks!
  5. Selling off a few parts kits. There are two HK MP5-N and one HK MP5 kit here in various shapes. They are all PD turn-ins, so they have all the wear expected there. Please ask for any photos before you purchase as these kits are AS-IS and have different parts. I do not know if the Surefire lights work. We accept USPS money orders or credit cards for a 3% fee. Kit #1: HK MP5-N - The most complete kit. Three position navy trigger pack, pictogram grip, surefire hand guard, A3 stock, threaded 3-lug barrel. $2250 Kit #2: HK MP5 - This kit has a good deal of wear and the price reflects that. Has an A3 stock and Navy safe, semi, full trigger pack. The pictograms on the grip are mostly gone and the surefire hand guard is missing a piece of plastic at the front. NO bolt with this kit. $1500 Kit #3: HK MP5-N - This kit has an A3 stock, threaded 3-lug barrel, Navy pictogram grip, and Navy safe, semi, full trigger pack. The bolt needs a new roller retainer plate and has a locking piece for simunition. $2000
  6. We have returned with a small lot of HK UMP45 Parts Kits in Good condition; these will show wear from use. Overall they are certainly in operable condition. All kits come with 1 magazine. 2 kits have the front end of the receiver with rails; 2 kits do not. WITH front receiver half+rails: $1800 shipped. ALL SOLD WITHOUT front receiver half: $1600.00 Shipped. ALL SOLD Per the usual with us lately please send direct message/DM rather than posting that "I'll take it," so that we can provide you where to contact us at and how we can accept payment. Questions may be put here or sent via DM. First come, first served as best we can. Thanks!
  7. I have several demilled kits from police surplus guns perfect for an SOT postie build or for spares on semi-auto guns. I can remove any F/A parts from lowers if you want to use them as semi-only and aren't comfortable with doing so. "features a 10” button rifled barrel, chambered in 5.56mm NATO, with a twist rate of 1 in 7" These are parts kits and therefore not considered FFL items and also be sure and understand NFA rules. Note: while the bolt carriers and lowers are F/A capable, using them on a semi-auto doesn't change the status as semi uppers have blocking features in place to prevent auto and burst features. Every 556 SigSauer has made in the US already comes with a F/A capable bolt for example. I also have two SigSauer rear diopter sights available for $250/ea with a kit. I'll make those available separately if not sold when all kits are gone. $2400 for M4 style and $2600 for Swiss folders (use real alemann-agch Swiss-made stocks...worth $4-500 on their own) + actual shipping (should be $25 or so plus any insurance with a USPS Large Flat Rate Box). USPS money orders, personal/business/cashiers check or discrete electronic methods for tenured members of sturm (venmo or zelle) --- Kit #1 - M4 style lower: Kit #2 - M4 Style lower: Kit #3 - Swiss style lower: Kit # 4 - Swiss style lower: Kit #5 Swiss style lower (SPF to Ehunt) more pics here: https://imgur.com/a/IEUgAUp
  8. WTS a nice Russian PM 1910 Maxim machinegun parts kit. 1944 production snow cap model. Looks to have matching numbers and includes receiver dove tails. Includes all parts shown and a lot of packing grease. Message if you have any questions. These parts are pretty much dried up these days so looking to get $4K plus shipping.
  9. Freshly demilled totally complete HK SP89 parts kit. I rolled the flat already cut the clearance for the SP89 or MP5K cocking tube. also included is the semi auto shelf and weld on top rail. EVERYTHING needed to do this the right way. barrel is already pressed in trunnion all that needs done is welding. literally this kit could be completed in an hour at this point. I've done dozens so yes an hour if you are a decent welder. $1,999 shipping is paid buyer.
  10. WTS: MG42 Parts Kit, German WW2. Kit appears complete with all parts pictured. The receiver is marked “dfb” for Guistloff-Werke and year code M.U. for 1944. The receiver is also marked “arz” with an eagle for subcontractor Deutsche Kühl- und Kraftmaschinen GmbH. All receiver sections are present and have very clean torch cuts. I included close-up photos that show the receiver cuts match and are from the same gun. I attempted to photograph all the codes. I owned this for approximately 20 years and it is in exceptional condition seldom available on the market today. Includes a set of new rails. $4500.
  11. Howdy All, I recently a bought a Bren Mk2 kit and am looking for someone who has experience re-welding the receiver and putting it all together.
  12. I live near Fort Carson near Colorado Springs and I always slip a few bucks to my local scrap metal guy for when military brass gets dropped off to be melted down. I get a call in January, "Judah, you should come down here now." I drop everything, pull up in my truck to 4 guys looking into a 55-gallon drum. NICE, I get a grip of brass, right? Wrong. An Army officer is standing there with his arms crossed sort of frowning. I peer into the barrel and see HUNDREDS of crushed Colt M16A1 lower receivers. He said they must be from Vietnam or some other conflict, but all I could do is ask how much he wanted for the barrel. Long story short, he got a down payment for a new vehicle and helped load it in my truck. The top of the barrel had nice stuff, the bottom of it just shards, but I managed to get my metal buddy some work by making these. What do you think? EDIT: Due to being flooded with emails I have listed front and rear sections in the collector forum.Thanks for looking!
  13. HK UMP .40 Used German Parts Kit - German - $1494.95 Heckler & Koch UMP 9mm German Parts Kit - $2995 Heckler & Koch In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS https://www.hkparts.net/ (801) 987-3494
  14. HK UMP .40 Used German Parts Kit - German - $1494.95 Heckler & Koch HK UMP .45 German Parts Kit - Used - $1795 Heckler & Koch UMP 9mm German Parts Kit - $2995 Heckler & Koch In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS https://www.hkparts.net/ (801) 987-3494
  15. WTS: Egyptian Crutch Folder AK Kit I have one very good condition Egyptian side folding AK47 parts kit available. The kit is complete as pictured and includes the desirable crutch style side folding stock. All parts are still in the original arsenal cosmoline and would be ideal for a build. Price: $750.00 - Shipping: Actual Price Contact: PM or email at bevisblack15NOSPAM@yahoo.com (remove NOSPAM) Payment: Standard PayPal plus the fee or USPS money order
  16. HK UMP .40 Used German Parts Kit - German - $1494.95 Heckler & Koch HK UMP .45 German Parts Kit - Used - $1795 Heckler & Koch 9mm Conversion Kit - UMP 9mm Barrel - HK UMP - $889.95 Michaels Machines HK UMP 9mm - Threaded Barrel - $299.95 HK PARTS In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS https://www.hkparts.net/ (801) 987-3494
  17. WTS: M3 Grease Gun Parts Kits I have several very hard to find USGI M3 Grease Gun parts kits available for sale. The kits have been de-milled via torch cut and are in uncleaned condition. Each includes overlapping sections making these ideal for display / dummy gun builds. Each kit is as pictured. I have both Ithaca as well as Guidelamp examples available. Price: $400.00 each **Bulk pricing available for multiple kits / components** - Shipping: Actual Price - Contact: PM or email at bevisblack15NOSPAM@yahoo.com (remove NOSPAM) Payment: Standard PayPal plus the fee or USPS money order
  18. Transferable Early Ruger AC556 with wood stock, 2 Factory Ruger Magazines and one Lula strip loader. Factory Ruger AC556 parts kit, wood stock, GB barrel and 20 round Factory magazine. Currently on a Form 3, we use EFile in the BATFE EForms database. Will transfer directly on a Form 4 to NV residents or entities. Please, PM for more photos, more information or contact information. Available for inspection if you are or live in the Reno area... $9,500 Shipped Member of the Boards since 2003... David
  19. MP5 40, MP5 10 Receiver Flat - $399.95 HKParts.net Flat Bending Jig Set For All HK Style Flats - $269.95 HKParts.net MP5 .40 German Parts Kit Pistol - $2199.95 HKParts.net Receiver Flat - MP5K 40, MP5K 10 - $199.95 HKParts.net MP5 .40 Pistol Build Kit With Flat, Top Rail & Weldment Set - $1799.95 HKParts.net MP5 10mm Pistol Build Kit With Flat, Top Rail & Weldment Set - $1799.95 HKParts.net In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS https://www.hkparts.net/ (801) 987-3494
  20. HK German HK53A3 Parts Kit - Like New Condition This is a rare opportunity as the HK53 is now out of production. This is a very rare and desirable parts kit new straight from HK Germany. Like new Condition with Slight Cosmetic Blemishes Includes all the latest upgrades and desirable options. A3 retractable stock 0-1-25 SEF lower 1/7 twist factory cold hammer forged German barrel with factory 4-prong flash hider All parts included minus the receiver included Price: $3,499.95 You can call us at 801-987-3494 if you have any questions or to place an order.
  21. Two very nice Thompson British Lend Lease parts kits with barrels. The top one is a Thompson 1928A1/Sold the bottom one is a Thompson M1 (Still for Sale), barrel in very good condition. When the British got these guns they changed a few things they stippled the forearms and put the sling loops on the side of the forearm. They also moved the sling loop in the back to the top of the rear butt stock and filled in the bottom with a piece of wood. Some neat history on the Lend Lease guns hard to find in this condition. Can take more photos if someone needs them. $1900 each kit or $3400 for both. Everything that is pictured on small parts included. Shipping and insurance not included. Check or Money Order Only. I can provide references if needed. I can provide more pics if someone needs them
  22. WTS: Hand Select M1918A2 Browning BAR Parts Kit. Sold, but we have BAR and all other model Browning machine gun parts in stock: (775) 671-7500.
  23. For Sale: Premium RIA M1919A4 Parts Kit. Excellent to new condition parts. Most of the parts are marked RIA, including the Barrel Jacket, Bottom Plate, Bolt, Barrel Extension, Lock Frame parts, Back Plate, etc. New left side plate, with all of the parts to assemble. No right side plate. SOLD, but we have more parts. Call us! Call with any questions: 775/671-7500 We also have a couple of other kits, SG, BA marked. Call for details. Thanks, BMG Parts Co.
  24. I have three hard to find USGI M3 Grease Gun parts kits available for sale. As you can see in the photos the kits have been de-milled and are in uncleaned condition. Each includes overlapping grip and receiver sections that make these ideal for display / dummy gun builds. There are a variety of markings visible on the parts including ordnance acceptance stamps and GE Guidelamp marks. -Price: $300.00 each -Shipping: Actual price -Payment: Paypal plus the fee or USPS money order -Contact: PM or email me at bevisblack15NOSPAM@yahoo.com (remove NOSPAM)
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