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  1. WTS: John Wood 1943 WWII M3A4 Machine Gun Cart

    Back on the market! As pictured, without gun.
  2. WTS: Browning M1918A2 BAR Parts Kit

    Added the image of actual kit!
  3. We have another of these rare .22 caliber Browning M1919A4 conversions available. All hand select quality, new barrel, etc.
  4. WTS: Hand Select M1918A2 Browning BAR Parts Kit. Sold, but we have BAR and all other model Browning machine gun parts in stock: (775) 671-7500.
  5. Extremely Rare US GI Tripods for Sale: M74 Alloy 'Light Weight' Tripod, Very good condition: $4k, plus shipping. 1918 Tripod, Very good condition: $4k, plus shipping. M3AA Tora Tora Mount, Complete, Excellent Condition, with Tombstone Drum and Crank, Tora Tora AA Sight available, but not included: $10K, plus shipping. Photos available upon request:
  6. WTS: US GI M63 AA Tripod. Complete with legs, base and AA Cradle Assembly and Ammo Tray. Bronze base. US GI, Not Import: $1,800.00, plus shipping. Includes M2HB auxiliary trigger! Call (775) 671-7500 to order by credit card! Thanks, BMG
  7. New In Box, M192 Light Weight Tripod, with M240 Adapter. $1,975.00, plus shipping. Call: (775)671-7500 Thanks,
  8. For Sale: Premium RIA M1919A4 Parts Kit. Excellent to new condition parts. Most of the parts are marked RIA, including the Barrel Jacket, Bottom Plate, Bolt, Barrel Extension, Lock Frame parts, Back Plate, etc. New left side plate, with all of the parts to assemble. No right side plate. SOLD, but we have more parts. Call us! Call with any questions: 775/671-7500 We also have a couple of other kits, SG, BA marked. Call for details. Thanks, BMG Parts Co.
  9. WTS: Browning 1919A4 .22 caliber conversion kit. Includes: Bolt Assembly (surplus) Barrel Assembly with M1919A4 nuts (NOS), 250 round Cloth Belt, Cartridge Chute, Cartridge Tool, Cartridge Guide, Manual, 125 Clips, 250 Cartridge Holders and 250 Cartridge Adapters (NOS). As pictured: $3k, plus shipping. Email any questions to: www.BMG.Parts
  10. WTS: John Wood 1943 WWII M3A4 Machine Gun Cart. Included is: Machine Gun Tripod Mounts, M1917A1 Tripod, Lunet, Draw Bar, Leather Straps, Four 1917 WWI Ammunition Chests (unrestored), Steam Can, Steam Hose, Pull Ropes (original, need repair), 1943 dated Data Plate. Gun is NOT included: $6,500.00, plus freight. Email any questions or request for photos to: