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  1. WTB: HK 21 (host)

    Hi to all the good people on Sturm! I don't suppose anyone has a hk21 (host) they're thinking of getting rid of? I'd sure appreciate some help.
  2. Due to health issues and old age am thinning the herd. Have for sale the following: HK 21 BELT BOX ADAPTER-MM. 225 REDUCED TO 165 HK 21 FACTORY DRUM WITH HANGER 795 HAVE 2 ONE BLACK ONE GREEN HK FMP 21 BOLT CARRIER GROUP 1,400 REDUCED TO 1,295 HK RARE FACTORY 11E, 91, G3 DRUM 2,650 HK 11E MAG EXCHANGE KIT 3,400 HK 21 FMP FEED MECH COMPLETE SOLD Questions or pics please email to Subject to prior sale and reasonable offers considered. Thanks!!!!!!
  3. I've had this gun for a few years, Mike built it for me from FMP parts. It has all the HK21 "E" upgrades he does. It was run full auto, but last few years its been sitting. Has recently been refreshed with new midnight broze cerokote, new bolt (less than100 rds), and more importantly a new HK21E cocking tube. You can see the bcg is smaller in diameter and the cocking lever has the cammed end. It's one of a kind since Mike will never do this upgrade again and as far as I know has never been done to a 21. Mike inspected this and said the Trunion looks good and bolt gap was GTG last time it was in for the cocking tube upgrade. It has a welded rail on top/bottom. BCG has the correctly welded in insert for full auto, bolt has less than 100 rds on it, comes with a couple belts, can add more if needed, will come with the grip pod unless you want a bipod- can be negotiated. 13K zelle/bank trasfer/certified check/
  4. Mounts: MG3 setups with HK21 adapters (can separate) Schwarzlose tripod...minty $2200 Ammo 5.45x39 Hornady steel case for your ak74 several cases: market pricing Yugo 8mm several cases: market pricing M74 Browning machine gun mount. The finest shooter mount ever produced for the series. This is a recoil absorbing aluminum mount weighing just over 20#. You get the stability of the 1917a1 series at a fraction of the weight, easier mount and dismount, faster setup, and of course lower recoil. $3400 PM or direct email take out spam after yahoo to reach me. Parts. Lahti #1 cleaning kit, mostly complete, some small parts missing, overall nice condition $900 Books Gas trap Garand rare, long out of print collector grade. If you can't own one it's still a great read! $150 Added Colt spare tool chest silver stripe on end original paint. Probably not Argentine. Some of the partitions need to be re-glued since they are loose in the box, but everything appears to be there. Not in any reference books. RARE $1200 Can add a repro BMG parts leather funnel for $200 Minigun bolt set $3000 Minigun rotor. cut and electron beam welded by Estes Adams GE manufactured 100% functional $5000 Minigun rotor. torched original GE. Runs as shown with bolts without a trip. Can be filled and cleaned up to work with original bolts. A fixer upper, but with a few hours and a park job would look like new. $4000 Minigun safety complete....the only way to truly make the gun safe. Selling the one with the "used" paint. Shown disassembled and this one was used (bullet fragments inside and they all stay inside!) As many know when you load a mini by manually inserting a belt and rotating the barrels by hand, 1/6 of a revolution too far and the gun fires. When you're setting a gunship up at an LZ or hanger overestimating rotation is not an option. Pretty scary at the range too!! Seen it happen. Don't be "that guy" at the range. Original USGI. I use them as doorstops/conversation piece at the shop. $1800
  5. 1000 M13 links delivered to your door in the CONUS for $40. These are used links that have been tumbled. An example picture of what you will receive is below. These have run excellent for us in our 240 and 60. Most boxes will have closer to 1200 links in them, be we will call it 1000 to be safe. USE THIS LINK TO PURCHASE Jake QRF
  6. I have closed my HK build operations and have only a few different trigger packs available: PLEASE NOTE: ALL NFA rules apply when using these. Feel free to make reasonable offers for part or all. Note also type of grip frame included in listing. I cannot accept low ball offers as I am now listing at what it cost me to acquire these. Anything less than those amounts would only come in a volume purchase or reasonable offer. I am in no rush to sell as I can't replace these. Here is what I have left Trigger packs: 1 x 9mm 3 position ESL ambi navy pack, currently set up in an HK MP5K grip frame $550 NEW 1 x HK .40 S&W factory correct 3 position trigger pack (set up in a ergo SEF clipped and pinned grip frame) $450 Lightly used 1 x HK G3 / 91 3 position ESL ambi back set up in clipped and pinned navy grip frame double tang $600 NEW 1 X HK G3 / 91 factory new SEF pack in factory navy grip frame $130 Lightly used 1 x HK 93/33 3 position trigger pack with spare .308 ejector lever not in a grip frame $120 used 1 x HK 3 position ambi trigger pack in .308, set up with a 4 position grip frame, but with safe and semi selector switch only, trigger pack is full operable 4 position if you have the correct switch selector lever $700 NEW 1 x HK 3 position SEF trigger pack $120 lightly used 1 x HK semi (SF) trigger pack with factory correct HK 53 ejector lever (not in grip frame) $180 unused ejector lever, used trigger box 1 x HK sear ready SEF trigger pack for registered sears set up in .40 SW $350 remanufactured all german except the relocated safety sear for use with registered sear. HK grip frames: Factory steel SP89 (pre 1989 in black) in new condition ( was a take off from a customer MP5K PDW build) $150 Frames appear new / almost unused Factory steel HK93 (pre 1988 in black) in new condition (was a take off from a customer HK 33k build) $150 Frame appears new / almost unused
  7. HK21 Pre-86 sales sample belt-fed manufactured under Heckler & Koch license in Portugal in 1985 and imported into U.S. by PARS International. 7.62 x 51 (.308 cal) NATO, 900 rounds per minute, SEF select fire trigger pack and free floating quick change barrel. This is an authentic HK21 and not a conversion. Buyer pays $200 shipping and insurance via Fed-Ex. Price $19,000 This firearm has recently been test fired and a short video of it being fired is available. May be purchased only by a FFL/SOT but is considered a "keeper" if a sole proprietor FFL holder drops his license. Recently transferred directly from BATF inventory to Norrell Inc. for liquidation. Firearm is ready to transfer via e-form 3 to FFL/SOT. Firearm(s) in this ad are possessed by, titled to, and will be shipped by John Norrell Inc. These are not being brokered and are not third-party sales. Firearm in this ad will be transferred to a class III dealer on an ATF E-form 3. John Norrell has been a licensed manufacturer and dealer (C-2/C-3) for 35 years and is currently an officer of the U.S. Federal Court appointed in the role as a Special Master administrator to liquidate NFA firearms released directly to us by ATF under court order. All NFA rules apply. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money payable to JOHN NORRELL, INC. This item is listed by, and the website and postings are monitored by E. A. Shelnutt of John Norrell, Inc. When a party offers the full advertised amount, they are automatically the official buyer and any ongoing negotiations or conversations with other parties are no longer relevant.
  8. This is a semi auto Heckler & Koch HK21 belt fed built up from a factory FMP receiver by Vollmer Mfg. It has all the correct upgrades and is sear ready. This is a HK21 not the HK21E model. The firearm runs great and is in excellent condition. I fired maybe 300 rounds through it since I have owned it. This will include one belt box as pictured. This was sent in to RDTS for the following upgrades back in 2009: Forward Assist w/installation. Includes internal parts and bolt carrier machining. Low Weaver style tabs welded to top of receiver. Weld over and re-machine cocking notch Tri-Coat System Finish Complete Abrasive strip to base metal, Interior coated in SL200 selflube surface as is Bolt Carrier and Cocking support. Exterior has bonding coat of SPIOOO with MX25 (Exact HK Black) laid on top. Coatings arc thermally set for long lasting factory perfect protection for your weapon. Modify feed mech for links Dissasemble and reweld cut down HK2IE Buffer Carryhandle Mount In addition I have spare barrels, belts, and some other accessories available. SOLD
  9. WTS: Pre & Post Samples

    All guns are on a Form 3's in Florida and will transfer fast via EForms. (Will post pics shortly) Pre-May Dealer Sample, Armalite AR10, Imported by Artillerie Inrichtingen Holland, In excellent condition and includes one magazine. In excellent condition $6100.00 Post-May Dealer Sample, FMP / HK21, belt-fed, 7.62, manufactured under HK licence by Fábrica Militar de Braço de Prata in Portugal. In excellent condition $7,800.00 Post-May Dealer Sample, IMI Uzi, by Action Arms in Philadelphia. Comes with original box, manual, paperwork and two magazines. In excellent condition $1500.00 Post-May Dealer Sample, Auto-Ordnance, West Hurley Model 1928 Thompson, comes with original box, original manual. documents and one magazine. In excellent condition $2000.00
  10. Fleming HK21 Reg Rec

    Registered Receiver HK21 converted by Fleming Like new Condition has only been fired a few times sold as seen in pictures $38,500 Ready to transfer on a form 3 Djs Firearms LLc Mike 203-217-2657
  11. Machine guns for sale

    Few machine guns I have in stock for sale Colt Mg40 original rewat. colt stampings under rear sight. gun has been refinished all parts pristine. will transfer under C&R $28,000.00 Colt M16a1. comes with colt 4 power scope, original upper never dissembled or parts changed. no shell deflector and tear drop forward assist $30,000.00 Brp Stemple stg. comes with long barrel and short barrel. several mags and 1 drum $9300.00 Norrell 10/22 fullauto pack installed in a gun with integral suppressor also built by norrell. black synthetic side folding stock $22,500.00 2 S&H FNC sears available $10,750.00 each. Will sell the pair for $20,000.00 All guns on on a form 3 and can be transferred using eforms in a few days to your dealer Thanks Mike for questions call 203-217-2657 or email pictures available upon request call 203-217-2657
  12. New Parts from HK PARTS.NET for a build that never got built. Purchased from HK PARTS.NET in 2014. Have MM FORWARD ASSIST ASSEMBLY COMPLETE US PAID $420 ASKING $400. ALSO HAVE HKN15144-HK21E & HK23E U.S. MADE SHROUD WITH WELDMENTS, PAID $1,550, ASKING $1,400. USPS MONEY ORDER FOR PAYMENT, Questions to Thank you! PRICE REDUCED!!! FWD ASSIST $375, SHROUD $1,300.
  13. Thinking about selling my HK 21 parts kit. Complete all factory German parts, not fmp. German barrel, German trunnion removed from cut receiver. Shroud is straight and ready for assembly on a new receiver. Every part was cherry picked from various kits with a few new factory feed mechanism parts. Also comes with factory NOS feed block to magazine feed. Two feed boxes come with it as well, one already cut for the feeder, the other not and two 60's era receiver reinforcing rails. Just add your donor HK91 receiver for a really nice all German HK 21 belt fed. Pictures available to serious buyers.
  14. UPDATE: SOLD to navyman 2015. I am selling a Michaels Machines MM21EK (.308) barrel. (The MM21EK is a short-barreled HK-21E clone.) The barrels measures 11.5" with the flash hider removed. It is in minty condition, just showing signs of test fitting. The including black foregrip and flash hider are in perfect condition. Because a registered autosear is presently unaffordable for me, and because I don't want to do an SBR registration, this barrel is now excess to my needs. If purchased new from Michaels Machines, these barrels normally sell for $1,095 plus shipping. Reduced to just $775, Priority Mail POSTAGE PAID to CONUS! I can show you this barrel in detail with my Skype camera, if you have a Skype account. No overseas orders. All NFA rulles apply. Payment via USPS PMO or P-yPal. I also love to barter. Some possible trades: A NICE set of HK G3 wood rifle furniture (stock & forend) Winchester Model 88 .308 magazines (original factory 4-round or Colyer brand 8-round or 10-round extended mags.) Canvas cover for a M2/M3 Browning .50 HB, preferably the type with the relief gusset to accommodate a barrel handle bale. HK91 magazine loaders HK91 magazine unloaders Sealed original 10-packs of HK G3 alloy magazines. Pelican or Starlight brand rifle hard cases (new or used.) Choice pre-1899 production cartridge guns. (Mainly looking for Mausers and large frame S&W Top Break revolvers.) Silver coins (I prefer U.S. American Eagles or pre-1965 U.S. dimes, quarters, and half dollars.) __________________ ~Jim Rawles~ Editor of