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  1. WTS: Saco Defense M60 Trunion - Made in 1967

    Still available?
  2. Ramo 50 Bmg

    perfect condition Ramo M2 50 Bmg barrel and tripod available at additional cost internals show little wear and all rivets are tight beautiful piece ready to ship on form 3 efile $36,500.00 DJS Firearms LLc
  3. Original Colt 1921 Thompson

    Up for sale is and original 21 Thompson. Seems to be owned by Dallas PD and only one other person before I obtained it. Early reproduction FBI case and later mfg mags and drum all in beautiful condition wood was branded by the police department along with all matching parts. also has original barrel with no bulging and a long life of rifling left total package $53,500.00 DJS Firearms LLc New Milford CT
  4. Sterling 9mm

    Stemple tube Sterling like new condition. finish is perfect MK4 l2a3 Form 3 Efile ready to go your dealer $13,250.00 DJS Firearms LLc New Milford CT
  5. FN FNC para

    Mint Condition FN FNC converted by S&H themselves with S&H sear On Form 3 in CT ready to be transferred efile to your dealer $16,500.00 ready to ship All sales final DJS Firearms LLc New Milford CT
  6. Colt 40mm m203 new

  7. Colt 40mm m203 new

    For sale is a new unused m203 in 40mm price $5500.00 transfers on form 3
  8. BRP stg Stemple

    up for sale like new brp/stemple stg 76/45 comes with both long and short barrel. long barrel has had one 30rnd magazine fire through it. the short barrel has never been used has minor blemeshes and can be refinished if desired comes with 2 magazines and one drum price-$9850.00 DJS Firearms LLc mike 203-217-2657
  9. Original Colt 21 Thompson C&R

    As listed in the title Original Colt 21 Thompson sub machine gun originally purchased by Dallas Police Department Very nice finish on the firearm for the age most of the blueing still on the gun. Furniture is not chipped or scratched horribly with finish on it mint as well comes with 4 stick mags and drum as seen in pictures along with Fbi case I received this weapon the way you see it ready to transfer on form 3 efile $52,500.00 any questions please call or message here as well as if any particular picture desired DJS Firearms LLc Mike 203-217-2657
  10. C&R Colt MG40

    Original Colt MG40 cam off a C&R license to me very nice looking firearm chambered in 30/06 has front and rear sight with spade grips finish in excellent condition $22,500.00 Form 3 Efile DJS Firearms LLc Mike 203-217-2657
  11. Norrell 10/22 full auto

    pictures uploading ask for your if desired
  12. FNC S&H Sear

    Price is $10,500.00
  13. FNC S&H Sear

    Up for sale is brand new Uninstalled FN FNC sear ready to transfer on a form 3 DJS Firearms LLc Mike 203-217-2657
  14. Norrell 10/22 full auto

    price updated apologies ready to transfer on form 3