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  1. Get yourself a Geissele SSF trigger and put your original in a safe place. This trigger is worth every cent.
  2. I'll take 6 in wrap. Email sent Payment sent 01/04/2019 Received 01/10/2019 and they are exactly as described. Thanks again!!!!!
  3. Form 3 turnaround times

    I am waiting for some SBR's to get approved that I bought for the shop and was wondering what kind of form 3 approval times you guys have been seeing lately? I bought 4 Del-ton 11-1/2" SBR's to consign at my dealer/employer. They were very reasonable in price and I figured that there was at least a couple hundred to be made on each rifle to be split between us. It has been exactly a month since the order was placed. I have been hearing anything from 17 days to 3 months. Our form 4's have been averaging 5 to 6 months.