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  1. Who does Valmet conversion to Galils?

    You need to talk to Don Quinnell. When I bought my Valmet M78 7.62x39 machinegun a year and a half ago, I discovered the trunion was cracked. I told the seller about it and he got in touch with Don. I sent the gun to him and the 1st thing out of Don's mouth was "Hey man, let me turn that into a Galil for you". I wanted the gun left original so he got a new trunion for me and got the gun fixed better than new. He bridged the rail where the sear cut was made during the conversion and got everything else brought up to snuff. He told me he has converted a ton of Valmets over the years. He got my gun fixed to better than new. I couldn't be more pleased with his work and the seller, Rubin Mendoila paid for everything. I couldn't be more pleased with how both Rubin & Don conducted themselves. As far a conversions, I have kept my eyes open for another Valmet to do just that. Let us know how this turns out.......... Donand Quinnell 239-334-6779 email:
  2. Insurance for gun collections

    I am with Eastern. The premium is basically $1 for every $300 in coverage a year.
  3. Get yourself a Geissele SSF trigger and put your original in a safe place. This trigger is worth every cent.
  4. I'll take 6 in wrap. Email sent Payment sent 01/04/2019 Received 01/10/2019 and they are exactly as described. Thanks again!!!!!
  5. Form 3 turnaround times

    I am waiting for some SBR's to get approved that I bought for the shop and was wondering what kind of form 3 approval times you guys have been seeing lately? I bought 4 Del-ton 11-1/2" SBR's to consign at my dealer/employer. They were very reasonable in price and I figured that there was at least a couple hundred to be made on each rifle to be split between us. It has been exactly a month since the order was placed. I have been hearing anything from 17 days to 3 months. Our form 4's have been averaging 5 to 6 months.