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  1. The RDTS pedigree still carries some weight and the new guns still require some work to allow full auto fire unless you get one of the PTR made guns. I think yours will move in the 6K range if it is in very good or better condition.
  2. WTB: Norrell 10/22 Trigger Pack

    Just a FYI, when I spoke to John Norrell a few months back when I got mine (bought it from a local dealer who had it since new and unfired) he said that he was still servicing them and that he can switch out an old "push button " pack to the more desirable version with the lever selector. We spoke for at least a couple of hours. Super cool dude. He accidentally shipped me someone else's stuff and I came home to a Thompson SMG case on my front porch instead of what I ordered. We got it sorted out and I'm glad it happened. It gave us an opportunity to talk and he gave me a thorough understanding of how to use and service my new integrally suppressed 10/22 machinegun.
  3. Same guy tried to buy a Kalashnikov USA Komrad 12-Gauge from us. We shipped it but the dealer emailed me telling me the guy was a scammer using fake Wells Fargo money orders. I rerouted the package back to us. The gunbroker name is StockpileWeapons. The dealer told me he had the local pd and ATF involved. The original name we have on the invoice is Joshua Creel 226 NW CANDLETREE DR BLUE SPRINGS, MO He has changed his contact info. Now it is: Patrick Cromwell 816-200-1984
  4. Looking for South Florida MG gunsmith

    I'll 2nd the motion for Don Quinnell. He did a hell of a job getting my Valmet M78 brought back up to snuff. It is like new. Don's Gunshop 3112-3 Palm Avenue Fort Myers, FL 33901 239-334-6779
  5. A Norrell 10/22 pack with S&H Sear is coming up in the next Morphy auction. I finally bought one a few months ago integrally suppressed with the S&H sear set up by John. If I hadn't bought that I would be all over this. I'm very curious to see what this is going to bring.
  6. What is an MP5 SBR by Terry Dyer worth?

    I would guess it should move around $3,500. There was a time that would go much higher, but now that HK is making the SP5 pistol and PTR has their version, that gives folks other options besides cutting down a HK94 or having one built from a kit which is what Dyer was doing when there were no other options. Now sure the new guns still need to have some blocking bars and other things removed for full auto they give the SBR crowd plenty of options.
  7. How to get a 22 kit for the uzi to run.

    Here is a great link that is on Uzi talk that explains how to tune 22 conversions.
  8. Question r'e Form 4 sales

    Ok Brent, here is the deal. You as the seller hold all of the cards in your hand. You have the gun that someone else want's to spend a whole lot of money to obtain. On top of that, it takes time for the transaction to take place 1-2 months for you to do a form 4 to a dealer or a year or more for a form 4 to another individual if the buyer happens to be in the same state as you are. The buyer has to hope and pray that you are a man of your word for that time. He has to hope that you don't flake out, run off, sell the same gun to multiple people, etc. A 50/50 deal is good for the buyer in that he only risks getting ripped off for half of the purchase price. It is good for you in that you see that he is serious in completing the transaction. Now, folks worry about what if the form 4 gets approved and "I can't get the guy to come up with the other half" and now the ATF thinks the gun is his. Even though the paperwork may now have the "purchasers" name on it, the gun is still yours until you hand it over to him. You can cancel the forms at any time by simply calling the ATF and canceling the transfer. So, you are protected. In this instance, you got paid 50% of the selling price which you get to keep, because that is what you and the buyer agree upon, "you don't have the money within X days of form 4 approval, you loose your deposit" and then get to turn around and sell the gun again. I helped broker a deal for one of our customers (an older guy who didn't know much about the internet) on the old Subguns board for an MP40 and that was a 50/50 deal. It went off without a hitch. Everyone was happy. Hopefully that explains it a little bit.
  9. Who does Valmet conversion to Galils?

    You need to talk to Don Quinnell. When I bought my Valmet M78 7.62x39 machinegun a year and a half ago, I discovered the trunion was cracked. I told the seller about it and he got in touch with Don. I sent the gun to him and the 1st thing out of Don's mouth was "Hey man, let me turn that into a Galil for you". I wanted the gun left original so he got a new trunion for me and got the gun fixed better than new. He bridged the rail where the sear cut was made during the conversion and got everything else brought up to snuff. He told me he has converted a ton of Valmets over the years. He got my gun fixed to better than new. I couldn't be more pleased with his work and the seller, Rubin Mendoila paid for everything. I couldn't be more pleased with how both Rubin & Don conducted themselves. As far a conversions, I have kept my eyes open for another Valmet to do just that. Let us know how this turns out.......... Donand Quinnell 239-334-6779 email:
  10. Insurance for gun collections

    I am with Eastern. The premium is basically $1 for every $300 in coverage a year.
  11. Get yourself a Geissele SSF trigger and put your original in a safe place. This trigger is worth every cent.