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  1. WTB Cetme Mod L kit

    Looking for a Cetme Model L kit in 556. Let me know what you have and price and pics please
  2. Does anyone know the current Hensoldt eye guard diameter at threads? 27mm by chance?
  3. Looking for the ocular extension for a Hensoldt Wetzlar ZF 6x42 BL scope. The scope is green but black would work also. Any help in locating one would be greatly appreciated
  4. dshk

    Sent you a pm
  5. WTB: M192 Tripod

    Email sent on tripod m60dg@aol.com
  6. WTS 1928 Colt condensation can,it is original Colt not Argentine as it is a flat bottom can not ribbed. This is the best condition near mint can that is in the US it has original leather cap seal,cap and retaining chain $500
  7. Have for sale 1 new unfired 1928/17 water cooled barrel in 308 $200