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  1. WTS : HK21e/HK23e pictograph lower trigger housing. Genuine German HK, new old stock. No long made by HK. $220.Payment by USPS money order. Included in price is USPS priority shipping.
  2. WTS: Hornady Interlock 8mm (.243 diameter) 100 projectile #3235 .New old stock, no longer available..In original box. $50. Payment byUSPS money order only . USPS priority mail shipment included.
  3. WTS : Sierra 6mm, .243 diameter, 60 grain HP bullets. New in original box only opened for pictures. $55 by USPS money order only Will ship USPS priority.
  4. WTS: Sierra 6 mm, .243 diameter, 100 grain spritzer projectiles. Pro Hunter. #1540. 100 bullets. New in box only opened for pictures. $45 shipped by USPS priority mail. Payment by USPS money order only.
  5. WTS: New Federal Gold Medal .223 Remington Sierra Matchking 69 grain, BTHP ammo. 32 rounds. $50 shipped. Payment by USPS money order only.
  6. WTS: 40 rounds of Hornady Black 5.45 X 39, 60 grain V-MAX ammo. Great for AK 74 rifle, Ammo in original new boxes only opened for pictures. Extremely accurate. New. $45 including shipping. Payment by USPS money order only.
  7. WTS: 100 lead swaged bullets by Montana Precision Swaging.projectiles in original boxes, .458 diameter, 500 grain flat nose, SPG lubricant, no longer available. $100 shipped by USPS priority mail. Payment by USPS money order only.
  8. WTS: HK33, HK33K, HK53, HK93 mags. All preban. German made. All are steel. Three 30 round mags., one 40 round mag. $350. Payment by USPS money order. USPS priority mail shipment included in price.
  9. WTS : AK 74 bakelite 30 round magazine For 5.45 X 39 ammo. Made in East Germany. Good condition. Functions perfectly. $85 shipped by USPS priority mail. Payment by USPS money order only. Price reduced from $85 to $75.
  10. WTS: Colt 1851 36 caliber, percussion cap black powder revolver. Made in 1863, carried by Saml E Elwell. His name is engraved on the back of the brass handle. 7&1/2 inch octagonal barrel. 1851 Navy fourth Model. Stamped on octagonal barrel: Address Col. Sam. Colt New -York U.S. America. Saml E Elwell was in the Union Army, New Jersey reserves, 14th battle Regiment, infantry. This weapon was carried by Saml E Elwell when he fought at the Gettysburg battle. Same Very unique and historical piece. Price reduced to $2950. Payment by USPS money order or certified bank check. Price includes shipping and insure cost.
  11. WTS: Machinegun ammo belts, for MG3, MG34, MG42. For .308 or 8mm Mauser ammo. Eleven 50 round belts, two 100 round belts, one 25 round belt, 5 starter tabs, lots of spare parts for $135 reduced from$150. Payment by USPS money order. Will ship by USPS priority mail.
  12. WTS: Genuine HK German made barrel carriers. Pristine! No scratches, dings, damage or rust. Made for carrying HK21e or HK23e barrels Especially handy when the barrel is hot from shooting. Discontinued by HK years ago; I these new purchased new back in the 90’s. Two carriers are available. $900 for both including USPS priority mail shipment. Payment by USPS money orders or certified bank funds.
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