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  1. Sten front sight blade

    i appreciate it a ton, Bought it up as soon as i saw
  2. Sten front sight blade

    Hi, recently bought a sten for a pretty decent price only to realize soon after that the front sight post was missing. The only ones ive found in stock anywhere are from "MARSTAR" a Canadian online store but cant ship to the US!. if anyone knows of any out there or if you have one yourself pls do let me know I will pay a premium for one.
  3. WTS M10 never fire

    This still available?
  4. WTS Stemple 76/454 76 45 NOS with two mags

    is this still for sale, If so im certainly interested.
  5. just wondering if anyone knows of any transferrable Vicker k MGs out there as i can't find any data on availability or value/price, thanks
  6. WTB Full auto MG. Dont care what it is

    Ive been browsing and researching transferable MGs on the net and gun shows for some time now and the last time I saw a price nearly that low was back in 2014 or 15 on a 380 MAC 10 for about 4 grand. your probably not gonna find anything below 6 grand nowadays, if ya only got 3500 id suggest flipping it in Vegas or just settling with a bump stock or a binary trigger, I've put links below to the two least expensive MGs I've come across in a while in case you were interested, hope this helps. https://otbfirearms.com/voere-model-2005-22lr/ https://www.gunbroker.com/item/770068268