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  1. WTS: 1945 STG44 - Matching - Amnesty Registered

    Beautiful rifle. Respect to the current owner who brought it back and kept it all this time, and kept it well taken care of. I bet he is sad that he has to sell it now. I am curious to know if there is a reason why he kept it all this time? Like a story attached to it or something of that nature?
  2. WTB Maxim 1910 transferable full auto

    Bump for Maxim 1910, MG 08 or MG 08/15 with 54r conversions.
  3. WTB Maxim 1910 transferable full auto

  4. I am new to the forum here, I been a member at 1919 and gunboards for couple years under same user name. I am looking for Russian Maxim 1910 chambered in 54r, transferable and preferably with accessories such as spare barrel, lock, etc. You can reach me directly statelaw1987 (at) I will also consider MG 08 with 54r conversion and tripod, please no sled mounts they are heavy.