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  2. WTB Pre 86 dealer sample MP5

    PM sent
  3. Ares fightlight mcr 5.56mm beltfed upper now running like a champ on a lightning link. Little pricey but Wow what a setup! Ran pretty well on regular reused gi links nonbran new or stretched links. Had to break in for a belt a few hiccups then ran as well ams my hk23 but smaller package
  4. WTS: HK USC/UMP SBR, MP5 clone SBR

    Hey Mit, interested in the PCS MP5 - would you consider sending a note to ATF to remove it from the registry and sell it to me as a pistol? I would use it strictly as a host. Feel free to call or text me, pm’ing you with my deets. Thanks!
  5. WTB Pre 86 dealer sample MP5

    We are looking for a pre 86 dealer sample hk mp5 ready to go on a form 3. Preferably a later one with the optics rail lug and not the super early ones. Would really like one with an 0,1,3,F burst pack but a standard ambi or even SEF will suffice. We can pay in full or we also have a few various pre 86 keeper mgs or no law letter postie aks we could offer up as trade material.
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  7. WTB: SIG 516 SBR 10in

    Looking for a SIG 516 SBR in 10in, not looking for a new one but preferably a police trade in or other used shooter grade gun. Please let me know what you might have and price. Thanks
  8. H&K P30L 9MM-LEM V1
  9. This is a Original bayonet that came with a M1 Grand with original sheath. Please make offer for I dont know what its worth or will bring. Just cleaning out. Thanks
  10. This is a couple of RP marked knives. One is large the other is small. With original sheath. Please make offer on these. Or one. Thanks The small one is called "Lightweight skinner" The large one is the 8 inch survivor
  11. M11 9mm Build

    Very easy to weld up and grind of and sand to finish.Then spot weld the sear anchor pin in the front flat side of lower. Easy to build. Lower safety is the same place as subgun.
  12. Colt Defender 45acp stainless like new

    Bump with lower price
  13. WTS: 500 Round 7.62x51 Ammo Can with Ammunition Chute - PICS

    Two month BTT... Aaron - Mohnton, Pa Sales@BeltFeds.Com
  14. Used but works fine The 5.56mm fast-attach muzzle device system is available in 1/2"x 28tpi threads matching the vast majority of modern sporting rifles in .223/5.56mm on the market today. The rear mount has wrench flats to torque the silencer to the barrel. 30.00+ 5.00 shipping if needed Thanks for looking!
  15. Gently Used Sig MCX, MPX folding stock, buffer tube can be change to accommodate other style pistol tubes 100.00+ 10.00 shipping if needed. Thanks for looking
  16. I have new M249 Lightweight Collapsible stocks, with Both Tall and short Cheek rests, 300.00 Scarce spare lightweight 249 Cheek rests Tall version for Optics use on rail,, , Rare 75.00 (Most stocks don't have them) New in wrap FN M249 Long standard barrel, complete with new type self adjusting gas, only a few available 350.00 M249 Para barrel also new in wrap, self adjusting new type gas, 300.00 M249 Heat shields for barrel, new 75.00 or 65.00 with barrel purchase. M249 Tripod Nutsack repostioning adapter new 75.00 Early collapsible Ranger stock, exc. original with metal NOT plastic type currently sold buffer housing! This is the REAL one. 350.00 .200 rnd plastic drums with starter tab 20.00 or 5 for 85.00 Newest M249/MK46 type charging handles with lighteneing cuts, 150.00 New M249/MK46 in wrap Optic equipped Rail top Feed cover 275.00 M249 Combo scraper tool designed to go in tall cheekrest of Lghtweight stock.45.00 M249/MK46 Front KAC 3 Rail handguard system with vertical grip and panels, 165.00 M249 Improved newest type upgraded Bipod , in wrap, 125.00 M249 100 rnd Nutsacks, New in wrap with starter tab 40.00 New condition Machine Gun Optic (MGO) ELCAN in Paded pouch with Killflash, Rubber eye cups, and laser filter 725.00 (1400.00 Retail without accessories) Email direct only please or call/Text 828-773-1938 Alpine Military Concepts Call Greg
  17. Gently Used SB5 brace Specifically designed for use on MP5, HK53, and MP5K Reverse Stretch clones, the SB5™ maximizes both the look and performance of HK inspired roller lock pistols. ***Will not fit on MP5K or SP89 clones. 100.00+ 10.00 shipping if needed Thanks for looking
  18. Like new, I mounted Sig Echo Thermal* and zeroed in with about 15 rounds. Never seen more than the first trip to the gun range. The MK1 MOD 1-M line features the PWS long stroke piston system. Internally, this line offers the tried and true system that PWS owners have grown to know and love. Featuring a free-float MLOK handguard, forward assist controls, and a more true to mil-spec design, the MK1 MOD 1-M line is a go-to for not only civilians, but also Law Enforcement. With the fully forged upper and lower receivers, the MK1 MOD 1-M is a no-nonsense tool for when you need a high value option that is relentless and unstoppable. 1:8 twist threaded 5/8X24 1250.00+ 25.00 shipping if needed ***Sig Echo Thermal not included, but I'm open to some ludicrous offer. Thanks for looking
  19. Also open to other parts... Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  20. WTS Fleming sear $31,000 delivered

    Still avail?
  21. Yesterday
  22. Wtb: Beretta Ar-70 70/90 forearm and bipod

    Btt still looking anyone
  23. WTS: Sig Sauer 516 7.5 Piston Upper

    I'll take this, PMs sent. Thanks
  24. MG Blowout Sale $5000 and Up

    FNC RE-SPF to new person AM180 SPF
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