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  1. Title pretty much says it. Looking for HK MP5 / MP5SD / UMP45 and G36 samples. Please PM or email me. cmo54t(nospam) Thanks! CMO
  2. Hello, Looking for clean HK German Ejector levers in 9mm and .223. Please PM me. Thanks! Best, CMO
  3. Original S&W 76 mag

    Interested if there are anymore
  4. WTB: HK SL8

    Hello, Looking for an HK SL8 for a conversion. Please shoot me an email or PM cmo54t(removespam) Thank you!
  5. Hello, Looking to purchase pre-86 dealer samples. Also intersted in M79 / M203. Please shoot me an email cmo54t(removespam) Thanks! CMO
  6. Hello, Looking for a C7 receiver or complete upper. Please PM me. Thanks!
  7. m13 linker,m27 linker, rpd linker

  8. WTB: Surefire M25

    Hello, Looking for a complete Surefire M25 or the standalone M25 mount. Thanks! Best, Clark
  9. WTB: KAC SR-30 DSR

    Hello, Looking for a NIB or very clean Knights SR-30 DSR upper kit. (Part # 32403). Please PM me. Best, Clark
  10. WTB: RPD KIT

    Hello, Looking for a complete RPD kit in good to very good shape. Best, Clark
  11. Hello, Looking for several HK MP5 Rear Sight Drum (German). Please PM me. Best, Clark
  12. WTS E.R. Maples M2HB

    PM sent.

    PM sent.