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Colt 601 Ensemble


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Colt Model 01 AR-15 (601), Serial Number 000544 (444th rifle built), all original, including the following original accessories:

Delft 3x25 scope SN858 with mount and carrying case – these scopes are extremely rare and this particular one is supposed to have been imported in a November 1960 order of 475 scopes. For more information see https://www.ar15.com/forums/t_3_123/555513_Colt_601_andamp__AR10_Delft_Scope_Production.html

Bayonet for 601 marked Colt Armalite patent pending. This is an early Colt M7 bayonet made in 1961 and 1962 by Universal Industries. The green plastic grip resembles the leather M4 style grip for the M1 Carbine. An M8A1 scabbard is included.

Original early Colt Armalite patent pending bipod and case.

Original grenade launcher sight.

Two steel waffle style magazines and two original rubberized canvas double mag pouches.

Three early aluminum Armalite marked magazines

Original early AR-15 sling in black. These differ from the M1 cotton web slings.

Original Colt Armalite AR-15 instruction manual dated 3/60

Original Colt AR-15 Contractor’s Operation Manual

Based upon the serial number I believe the rifle was manufactured in January 1960. At some point it was owned by a police department (I heard Indianapolis) and has the letters “IPD” electro-penciled on the bottom of the bolt carrier, top of the hammer and front of the charging handle. Colt Model 01 rifles are C&R qualified. This one will transfer to your dealer on a form 3 or if you are (or get) a C&R can transfer directly on a Form 4.

If you are interested in early Colt AR-15s, this one is complete with all of the available early accessories (except the semi auto only selector switch). I’m asking $35,000 for the entire ensemble. More pictures are available. PM me your email address. Trades considered.





















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WOW, thanx for the great pics!   been a long time but it brought back all the joy I had when ANYBODY COULD OWN ONE OF THESE!  I cant remember how many 601's I bought but it was more than 12  and I never paid more than $350.  I always wanted some of the optics , but could not justify the cost and they were hard to get at the time anyway.   one of the first things I did post  nov17 was send a not asking our new Pressident to  kill the Hughes amendment by exec. order  there are many courses to get that done , but all take more time than he has. maybe a few others could do that request?   sorry to get off subject , but how great it would be to by a M16 with you tax refund?   cheers mike

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