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WTS: M2 60mm Mortar Package - $6000


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If you have any questions, or would like to purchase, you will need to contact us directly by email: info@ordnance.com or by phone at 731-407-4510.

M2 60mm Mortar Package includes the following:

1.) Wooden & steel transport/storage crate
2.) Base plate assembly
3.) M5 mount & bipod assembly
4.) Cup/receiver
5.) Tube/barrel
6.) Firing pin
7.) M14 sight carrying case
8.) M4 sight assembly
9.) M37 instrument light for M4 sight
10.) M308 muzzle cover & carrying strap
11.) C1 ammunition wrench
12.) M10 aiming stake
13.) M41 instrument light for M10 stake
14.) M2 cleaning staff
15.) Copy of FM-23-85 field manual

Overall, the kit is in museum quality condition. The M5 mount/bipod assembly was completely disassembled, bead-blasted, polished, painted, lubricated, new leather handle and strap fabricated/installed, and reassembled. The shock absorbers were also gone through to make sure they are functioning properly. All mechanical aspects of the mount are functioning perfectly: elevating/depressing, traversing, cross-leveler, and locking nut. All components of this M2 mortar are original USGI WWII vintage, with the exception of the cup, tube, and firing pin, which are newly manufactured. No ammunition is included in this package, but we do have 60mm M69 rounds, and 60mm TRUMP rounds for sale that we will be posting.

Once the purchase on the kit has been made, everything but the cup/receiver will be shipped to you via freight. We will supply you with the necessary information for you to fill out and submit your Form 1 to the BATFE for approval to make a destructive device. Once the BATFE has approved your Form 1, you will fax/email us a copy of the approved form, and we will ship the cup to an FFL dealer of your choosing, within your state. You will then go to your dealer, fill out a standard 4473 to have the cup/receiver transferred to you, then bring your cup home and screw it on your tube.....your mortar is now complete. If an FFL/SOT dealer would like to buy the kit as a destructive device, and have it transferred directly to them, we can do a Form 2 on it, then transfer it to you via Form 3 or Form 4. All transfer/registration taxes are the buyer's responsibility. Price is $6000+shipping.

Click on the following YouTube link to see a video of us firing the M2 60mm mortar:





















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