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M27 Ammo Belt Linker / Delinker for M249, etc

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M249, ARES Shrike and FN Minimi (or any other gun using M27 disintegrating metal links) owners now can easily and reliably link and delink .223 and 5.56 ammo belts.

Are you tired of linking belts by hand or have tried other linkers that don't work very well? This one works! Kendall Ordnance's new linker/delinker loads rounds perfectly every time and can be done with one hand.

Do you have ammo belts that need to be delinked? Slide the lever forward, press the handle, and the rounds quickly extract. There is no need to change plates.

This easy to use M27 linker / delinker:

* holds 25 rounds

* has extra space for a starter tab when using a nut sack

* has a unique, rotary handle that causes zero friction on the palms while linking

* is made from high-grade, durable 6061 T6 aluminum

* key components are 1095 heat-treated

* cartridge guides are heat-treated spring steel

* easily transportable at just 15 pounds.

* comes with four corner holes for screwing into a board or table.

* 100% designed, machined and assembled in the USA

Replacement parts are available for the cartridge guides and pusher. It is also available for M13 links (.308 / 7.62x51mm)


$549 + shipping. All questions/orders can be sent to kendallordnancellc@gmail.com

IMG_4105 (2).JPG

0808161329 (2).jpg

IMG_4104 (2).JPG


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