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  1. Looking for any parts for the Spanish Cetme C2 9mm SMG which is a close copy of the Sterling l2a3 , if you have any parts at all I would be very interested in purchasing especially looking for barrel and bolt and magazines , any parts, have customer making experimental version copy exotic , so trying to help out text or call Greg at 828-773-1938
  2. Looking to buy 25 mm Bushmaster Cannon Barrel condition not too important looking for it for experimental project text or call Greg at 828-773-1938
  3. I do have the knights Armament quick detach m203 Mount assembly complete in the factory package unused if you are interested text or call me and I would take 150 for it also have the knights armament rail flip up site for $60 new Text or call 828-773-1938 Greg
  4. I do have one that I've had for many years if you want to give me a call regarding it or text me 828-773-1938 from years ago collecting German mg stuff
  5. I have an absolutely authentic extremely rare unicorn Colt Thompson spare parts tin complete that goes in the hard case. Looks like it would be extremely difficult to upgrade condition wise and I'm told I'm asking a very fair price for it at $5,500.00 can't seem to get pics to post so please request Gprue8@aol.com or 828 773 1938 Colt 29 fin 1921 barrel, slight bulge last inch, very common, very nice condition. .Update Measured thread diameter , it is correct 660 size! 1250.00
  6. Contact Dave Banes in Indiana. Marcolmar, he has it all and has but a huge number. They take a special belt only for the UK 59 not the PKM at all different system, Greg
  7. Looking for a complete RPD lower trigger group with or without stock Call text email Gprue8@aol.com 828 773 1938
  8. Would be interested in both sets, call me 828 773 1938
  9. I only have the mark 64 which is very similar it's 850. I may have a mark 93 available again in a couple weeks though just not sure yet 828 773 1938 Greg
  10. Still looking for mk19 kit?? Call me Greg 828 773 1938
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